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    Thank you

    Hi everyone,

    It has been a tough decision but today will be my last day as Vice President at Steam-Gamers. Over the last few months I have tried my hardest to get my activity to the level where I want it to be, but ultimately I can't get to the level that I feel is right for a VP to be at.

    In the last year and a half as VP, I've head the pleasure of working with many great people on the staff to push forward a lot of important and long-lasting initiatives. It's coming up on a year since we released the new divisional structure, and though there have been several changes made since the launch (as there always is!), I feel that the changes we've made are hugely positive for SG's future and that it will have a longstanding impact on our operations. Other than that, we've opened up new servers, upgraded our existing servers to better hosts and are in the midst of a website move (soon™). I think that the next few years for our community are going to be absolutely amazing!

    I have come and gone a few times in my past in SG, so I won't make this thread super long. I am still sticking around, albeit in a Technical Administrator role. I have networking experience in my real life job (which takes up most of my time btw) and am happy to help @Nishok and his team out with what needs to be done on the backend, as much as I can. I will also stick around to be a high-level advisor for Caution and the Board/IA team as they need as I want to continue giving back to the community that has given me so much. SG has been a part of my life for almost 10 years now and I am happy to keep with it for as long as the community is thriving.

    In terms of my replacement, I have talked with Caution and the board and am very happy to announce that Gator will be the new Vice President. He has done a great job in his role as BD and has been an exemplary staff member thus far in his membership with SG. I have no doubt that he'll do a kickass job.

    To those of you that I have worked at during my journey here (which continues) - from @Caution to the other POs in the past, VPs, BDs, AO/ATs, TAs, and more - thank you for being a positive influence on my life. SG shaped who I am as an individual (epic memer) and will always be a great set of memories for me. To be honest, being out of a VP/BD role takes some stress off me in terms of responsibility so I hope to see you all around in the servers a little more than I have been as of late. I still love my MG crew and since I have my new rig I want to play as much as possible when time allows - so I hope to see y'all in the servers! Can't wait to see what the future holds for the community.

    Thanks again everyone.


    P.S. Long live SteamGamers!

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    Seeing this makes me feel quite old ;)
    Thanks for all you've done!

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    no bueno

    Thanks for all the hard work Prez

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    ur grandma
    Thanks for all your hard work!

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    Good luck and Thank You

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    Event Horizon
    Thanks for all your hard work Prez! Congratulations Gator!

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    Ape Toll
    Thank you for all the hard work you put in Prez.

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    I appreciate everything you have done for this community Prez, biggggggggggggg thanks to you! I will forever hold my forum infraction from you in 2010 close (coming up on that 10 year statue of limitation)

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    Thanks Prez, you were the man I relied on, the man SG needed. Your contribution to this community is gigantic and no matter how fat Gator is, he won't fill the hole you leave behind.

    Hit me up for a beer whenever you get close fam, I'll pay.


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    Good luck with your IRL job, and thanks for your work as a VP <3

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