This is the most promotions / rank changes we have had in a long while, since the great step-down of 2018. So let's get started!

To Community Advisor, we are going to be promoting LoverOfGuys Fuze and Montag! Both have been around for a very long time, and have expressed interest in climbing the ranks here at SG. Their new duties are:

Work with the higher staff on implementing important decisions and projects
Handling player complaints and issuing bans
Moderation of the forum
Give awards to members on request
Send group invitations to members on request
Post in-game server problems on the forum
Help in any way to make the servers fun
Handle reported posts on the forum
Work with the AT(s) officially running the servers on suggestions, requests and server-related opportunities
Act as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the server they represent
Coordinate with ATs to run server-based meetings
Along with ATs, they can work with the events team on server events they would like to see
Help with managing a public to-do list for their server
Bring community suggestions to the AT(s) responsible for discussion
Communicating server/community's wishes to ATs
Onwards and upwards, to the role of Events Manager, we are promoting Extr3m3! He's done a considerable amount here since he's been back, and has done a lot of work for this community. His duties will remain the same, with the addition of managing the Events team.

To Administrative Manager, we are promoting Dominic! Other than his short time on that goo goo ga ga baby bullshit, he has been on the Administrative Team for a long time, and has done a lot for SG as a whole, especially Prison Break. His duties will remain the same, with the addition of managing the Administrative Team.

As you can see, these promotions are going up and up the ladder! Joining the Board of Directors, we have WaWa! Wawa was a BD previously before real life stepped in and got in the way, and he has been a higher up in general here for a very long time. We are happy to have him back, as we could definitely use his help in BD matters.

Before moving on to the final promotion, I'd like to recognize @Prez for all of his work as VP. We have had countless hours of conversation discussing SG matters and figuring out how we could best move the community forward. He has been a huge part of all these positive changes you have seen at SG during his time as VP. It has truly been smooth-sailing while he has been my right-hand. Unfortunately, he is stepping down to some real life stuff, which he will go into detail I'm sure, in a thread following shortly. Thankfully, he will be sticking around as a Technical Administrator, and we are glad to keep him on board in some capacity. I will also be giving him the Presidential Award as a small token of 'thanks' for everything he has done here.

Congratulations to all of these people on their promotions, and thank you to Prez for all of the hard work you have done at SG.