Hey guys,

Sorry this is lagging behind a little bit, but we decided our SotM winner a week or two ago. In addition to the general staff of the month, they are also receiving the Presidential Award, which can only be given out by the President or Vice-President.

Nishok has easily earned this award ten times over, and then some. During a recent security threat, Nishok went above and beyond to ensure that SG was safe, as well as everyone's personal information. In addition to that, Nishok has been around forever, and we were actually BD's together at one point. Nishok is arguably one of the most dedicated members of SG I have personally ever seen, and the amount of work that he has done on both the front of the house and the back of the house is beyond words. Nishok is part of a group of very, very few people that could easily have a BD position anytime they wanted, just because of the complete and total trust that he has from all of us.

Congrats brother!