Hey guys,

There has been a bit of confusion as we've tweaked the manager role around a little, so I'm just making this thread to clarify what our current position is. If this changes, we will keep everyone up-to-date. This is a good read for managers, team-members, or anyone who is interested in either of the two.

When we originally started out with managers, we really didn't give them a whole lot of power, which really didn't make them stand out from their team as anything more than a team member. We are aiming to change this by stepping back a considerable amount, and allowing managers to...well...manage. While the BD's / IA will still be involved in promotion discussions (mainly so a promotion is not based solely by one person), the manager will not only have a vote on the promotion, but will also have their opinion go a little bit farther - meaning that unless there is an obvious bias, reason for not promoting someone, etc., we will try to go with what the manager deems is best. The BD / IA team is just going to be there to make sure it's not anyone too ridiculous. The Administrative Team will be a lot more closely monitored than, say, the Media Team by us. As far as the other teams, the managers really have almost full control of the team. For AT's, we tend to be a little more involved just because of the access requirements. Likewise, with demotions, we are going to typically side with what the manager feels is the best course of action.

What does this mean for managers? Well, it means that you really have a lot more control over your team. If there is someone out there who you feel would be a great addition to the team, bring them up. And on the flip side of that coin, if someone on a team isn't doing anything, you have the power to bring up a demotion. If you can rationally justify why you feel a demotion is necessary, we will more than likely stand by your decision (we just want to make sure there's not an obvious bias happening and people are being demoted for the right reasons). I encourage everyone to get everything pertinent documented...so if you tell someone you're going to be AFK for two weeks - send it in a PM. If you warn someone on your team for activity, either send it via PM or document the specific day, what was discussed, who else was there, etc. Create a paper trail.

Hopefully, this allows managers to have control over their teams a bit more, and allows the BD's to step back and let things happen. Managers, please understand that you are directly responsible for your team - the good, the bad, and the ugly. If someone is slacking off and you allow it to happen, that is on you. We are giving you these tools, but we also expect you to use them appropriately, as needed.

And, as always, please come to a BD if you need help with something or would like to chat about the direction of your team, and maybe how we could make things better. We welcome all input.