Hello everyone,

We've got a few promotions that we're excited to promote! The duties of Community Advisor include:

  • Work with the higher staff on implementing important decisions and projects
  • Handling player complaints and issuing bans
  • Moderation of the forum
  • Give awards to members on request
  • Send group invitations to members on request
  • Post in-game server problems on the forum
  • Help in any way to make the servers fun
  • Handle reported posts on the forum
  • Work with the AT(s) officially running the servers on suggestions, requests and server-related opportunities
  • Act as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the server they represent
  • Coordinate with ATs to run server-based meetings
  • Along with ATs, they can work with the events team on server events they would like to see
  • Help with managing a public to-do list for their server
  • Bring community suggestions to the AT(s) responsible for discussion
  • Communicating server/community's wishes to ATs

Please welcome Extreme Potatoes and Roux to their new (old) positions!