Jailbreak Community Meeting

Date/Time: Saturday, February 23rd - 6:30PM EST

Place: TeamSpeak - ts.steam-gamers.net

We haven't had a community meeting in quite a while and we think it's time for another one. There's been pretty rapid management changes across the span of three or four months and I think it's important that you all understand our plans and the direction we want to take the server. We want to hear what you guys want to see added, your opinions on things we've added and any other concerns you have since we'll have management there to address them.


- Introduction
- Management Changes
- Forced Death-Games
- Voice Communication Issues
- First Order Revisions
- Recent Events and Future Events
- Discord and Steam Group
- General Rule Discussion / Concerns
- Q&A/Open Floor

Feel free to discuss things here or suggest things to add to the agenda.

Hope to see you all there!