Hello everyone,

First off, thanks to everyone who attended the meeting! Moving on, we have two promotions we'd like to announce:

Joining the Administrative Team, we have DancingMoonLight! After a bit of a break, he has shown interest in coming back, and we'd love to have him! His new duties will be

Verify that servers are operational
Reboot dead/lagged servers
Assist in training new admins
Monitor the Teamspeak 3 server
Grant access rights to Teamspeak 3
Search for new maps for all servers
Upload maps to the servers and fast downloads site
Edit map lists & rotations
Issue permanent bans to players via request from SA's

To the Internal Affairs team, we are promoting Vinyl! Vinyl is a previous higher up, has been around forever, and has shown to us that we can trust him to handle the roles of the IA team, which include

Handling and resolving admin complaints, player complaints and ban appeals
Handling admin disputes as they arise
Participating in promotion discussions
Participating in hosting SR+ admin training and assisting with creating training materials.
Managing member of the month/staff of the month nominations and awards

Congrats to these two guys!