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    Quote Originally Posted by Poobah View Post
    Why is it sad that I don’t want to have people saying ‘nigger’ in our servers, regardless of whether or not I’m there to hear it?
    People said it before the rule was changed? Just because a rule is set doesn't mean everyone will follow it. Still though, if an admin isn't on any player has the right to still submit a player complaint on someone repeatedly saying the hard r.

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    There is just a small percentage of players who spam racial slurs just to be some what "cool", for the most part people are pretty chill with it, they dont really use it to offend people. I'm personally fine with keeping it the way it is, but maybe add a rule where you aren't allowed to excessively use racial slurs cause it does bring a negative atmosphere when someone uses racial slurs excessively

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    Quote Originally Posted by nesquik View Post
    So many times I've heard the hard R unironically but not directed at a certain person. Please remove it. It's just annoying tbh.
    people say faggot unironically, does that piss you off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Shinobi View Post
    people say faggot unironically, does that piss you off?
    fuck. you've got a point. I've just been here for a couple of years, and just hearing all this just doesn't feel right in my brain. I guess it would be fine to try a change. We need a more established rule though, I feel like excessive use of it shouldn't be allowed, like 3 times every sentence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pred View Post
    Next meetup please bring your dog bc I’ll be hungry...
    for kbbq
    Gimme some too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fieldz View Post
    Just like many other people, the rule is fine. The in-game spamming of racism has definitely toned down a lot. A good change with this rule, is that baiting isn't even a thing, and this when the rule is like settled in, 3 months later no one is gonna even say it. We gotta remove the hard r tho, thats just annoying :P
    The word has been held up to such a high standard that it will be spammed and abused for maybe a month or two. After that people will realize that the word isn't that special and move on.

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    Copied from earlier thread I made:

    This is getting ridiculous, every game now there’s always people shouting out and typing hard r n-words and other racist things, why was the rule changed. One of the things I really liked about this server was the strict no racism rule, the games were fun and not so toxic. I’m not a big fan of political correctness but this is just terrible. Your not being funny or edgy by saying the n word and stuff, your just being a racist asshole. I can handle offensive language but I hate having to deal with it. I want to be able to play JB and have fun without having to endure a local meeting of the alt-right every 5 minutes. Please change the racism rule back to the way it was, it’s jist so much more toxic now. The n word really is terrible and has a long history behind it, you don’t have to be a black lives matter supporter to understand that.

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