Oh boy,

I originally didn’t want to write this thread because frankly speaking I’m terrible when it comes to these types of threads, however, I thought twice and realized I do have some words I’d like to share. First and foremost, I am stepping down from my role as a Board of Directors member to take some time off and focus on medical school. This was a very tough decision for me as I felt extremely split about leaving versus staying. A good chunk of you knows it’s my first year as a med school student and I’ve been very blessed to even be here learning and passing (thank God lmao).

Unfortunately, med school is as tough as people make it out to be. Initially, I felt like I was able to juggle both school and the SG life, but it wasn’t even as much as I had hoped when it came to giving SG my love and attention. I’ve been at a point where all the mental exhaustion from school has caught up to me and has heavily affected my presence and involvement in the community. I feel it’s completely unfair of me to continue staying here and being absent when some people know I practically spend 6 hours a day studying my ass off just to make sure I don’t fall behind. Realistically speaking, every other BD on this team has 10x more on their plate than I do and still do a fuckload to keep this community running strong, and I salute them for that.

Little fun fact: February 1st, 2019 marked my 2nd year as a BD. It goes to show time really flies by and I swear it doesn’t feel like I’ve been here in that position for that long. I stumbled across SG in the summer of 2012, just randomly browsing community servers since I had just gotten a copy of CS:S and wanted to explore, when the word “MiniGames” had caught my attention and intrigued me. I grew up playing CS since 1.6 and I started at the age of 12, so you can tell I’m a loser for this franchise (CS 1.6, CS:CZ, CS:S, CS:GO). I hopped on and re_skybunker was the map and since then I fell in love with the map and MG in general. I’ve been a member for this community for about 5.5 years now and I’ve met so many people that I’m very glad to have worked with, play games, share laughs, and call them friends. I wish I could share stories about each of you in this thread, but that would turn into a book filled with tons and tons of memories. So please don’t take any offense when I say I won’t be tagging any of you, just know that you are acknowledged and extremely appreciated for being a part of my SG timeline.

As cliché as it may sound coming from many other former higher-ups, this really isn’t a goodbye at all from me. I promise you that I still have a lot of love and passion for Steam Gamers, and I hope to return to the team in the future if given the opportunity again by the BDs. Even though I’m stepping down from this role for now, I can guarantee you I’m still super hyped for the future of SG. Guys, I swear it’s going to be really fucking cool with the major changes the big red guys want to introduce. I just want to thank you all for being such a wonderful community and this best worst ze player Symmetra trainer-shopping dmg boosted “who r u” hihruamgr8thx4askn worst bd ever big dumb idiot loser andallothernamesyouvegivenme will see you soon

- BR

P.S. Thanks @Vick and congrats on CA.