Hello everyone,

Its been almost a year since we've had a member of the month award handed out. This is partly in due higher up changes, rank changes, and trying to settle in to our new ranks. With introduction of Staff of The Month, we felt the need to revive this award in order to give recognition to certain individuals who have gone above and beyond their requirements at SG, and have helped the community in many ways. Users are nominated by SA+ who they feel have made an impact on the community in this month, later to be voted upon by CA+. This award is based upon members who have shown these qualities in the recent month, and that the staff deems most qualified to receive Member of The Month.

Without further ado, we'd like to announce the Member of The Month for January 2019. This particular user has shown their dedication to the community by helping out server managers (mostly ze) with models creation and editing. They have also provided help with issues with certain servers, as to why something may not be working in a plugin, models, or an issue with a map. Please join us in congratulating @Darnias as this month's member of the month. Not only will he receive recognition on his efforts by awarding him this forum award , but also a choice of either a month of VIP or store credits.

We hope that in doing this, we can give recognition to those regulars who care about the servers and community as a whole, while keeping SG as a fun and enjoyable place for everyone to be a part of.