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    Hyper X Cloud 2 headphones are cheap and work as good as any other head phones you can buy. Don't waste your money on anything else.

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    I've been rockin with Sennheiser PC 350's for a while and I have no complaints about them at all.

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    I previously had the H Wireless and found it to cause my ears to overheat because of the faux leather and tight clamp/seal. Solid sound though. It seems a common flaw is that the piece of plastic connecting the headband to the earcups is quite weak, so like many others my earcup broke off from the band with little to no force after ~two years of use.

    I switched to the Arctis 7 and I'm finding it to be quite durable with a battery life of ~18 hours. Not bad after a year of use. Quality of sound is something that everyone complains about since the default Steelseries Engine 3 EQ settings for the headset are terrible, but with a little adjustment to the default EQ settings with suggestions from r/steelseries (you can use Equalizer APO as well but it fucks with your Discord) it's sounding much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManiacJak View Post
    How big of a difference did the amp make for your headphones just out of curiosity, I know the 58x is an easy headphone to drive due to their 150 ohm drivers but I'm wondering if it's a noticeable difference sound wise.
    It will be very different. You wont regret it, but you dont have to pay a butt load to get a good AMP.

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    Sennheiser gsp 300 had them for 5 months never had any problem with the headset itself but the adapter that came with it sometimes doesnt work (i broke it it didnt come like that) for some reason. you dont need the adapter unless your playing on a console or using it with a phone. the cable is too flimsy and feels like its going to break anytime but it didnt and if you look at the amazon reviews and compare the reviews with other headsets this headsets has really low 1 star ratings and most 1 star ratings on headsets are about them breaking in a short time the headsets bass is really low so its better for fps games overall there is another subjective con which is that the headset looks hideous and you cant wear it outside and lastly the cable is non removable
    pros : mic gets muted when its lefted upwards
    memory foam
    HUGE from the inside
    broadcast quality mic the best mic you can get at this price point on a headset
    durable (doesnt feel like it though)
    didnt regret buying it , bought it on sale would buy it again even if it wasnt on sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ejivis
    It will be very different. You wont regret it, but you dont have to pay a butt load to get a good AMP.
    Well you've got me excited now! Just ordered the ARC from Mayflower.

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