Introducing the official Steam-Gamers Faceit Hub.

In an attempt to add a more competitive edge to scrim, we will be testing out our very own Faceit Hub. Without going into too much detail, we believe that a faceit hub could be the solution to plenty of the problems on scrim. With it, we will be able to have multiple matches going at once, an easy way to keep track of peoples stats, fairer teams, competitive matches, and much much more.

While still in its early stages, @Manny and I will be deciding who gets in and who doesn’t. Whether you are accepted depends not merely on skill level, but more on how seriously you have taken scrim in the past, and continue to take it in the future. Anybody with a scrim strike, a history of trolling, throwing, or leaving will most likely be denied unless we have seen a change in attitude from the player. Keep in mind that any infraction could result in a temporary/permanent removal from the hub, as well as possible punishments on the S-G servers.

With all that being said, everybody is allowed to submit an application and even add a note as to why they believe they should be allowed in; This is not required, but it couldn’t hurt. When applying, make sure to include both your Steam ID and your forum name with page link.

If you don’t have a faceit account, we encourage you to create one with a name similar to your forum name.

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