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    Question About Admin Requirements

    So I was on TTT today and these people were talking about admin requirements and one of them asked how many posts you need to be allowed to apply. And I answered 10. Then, he asked another interesting question, "Do posts on my bans work?" Tbh, at the beginning I was like "No lmao why would they?" and then thought some more. Maybe they do work? So my question is do posts on ban appeals count as posts toward being able to apply for admin? Sorry if this is a dumb question <3

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    I mean, i dont see why they wouldn't count, but if those posts were your only posts, you wouldn't get admin anyways.

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    Yes they technically could count forwards your post requirement. The chances of that person getting banned, and getting good constructism on your application for admin would be low and not to mention you would not even get as merely close as you could be if not banned.

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