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    you guys should add like zombies roles or something

    Theres a prime zombie where he/she can use guns, but the infected cant use gun.
    for the zombie they can use the fist from dz to infect people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foinker View Post
    Yes, I like that idea. But then i feel like detectives need something because its going to make them stand out a lot less otherwise. Not sure how you would make them stand out though.
    Detectives are already fun and strong IMO. They can get credits for every T that has died. If you wanted to do something special for them you could always spawn them with armor equipped.

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    Fun rounds plugin does not work on TTT. I repeat, DOES NOT WORK ON TTT. If fun rounds happen (which they do happen mostly every week), AT+ will have to use commands or manually change server commands to properly give certain types of fun rounds (gravity, speed, main weapons, etc.) For any people who came up with any ideas that evolve new roles, or certain special weapons, plugins will have to be edited to fit that criteria and they takes valuable time to do so. We've specifically said we do not want to add new roles becaue it will cause chaos with new people and current members.

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