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    Kindle Paperwhite and Book Suggestions

    Hey gamers.

    So I've been feeling like an incomplete library constantly pulling the same information and eventually I've come to the conclusion that the things I am passionate about I don't know enough about. Speaking generally the human element of things interests me so reading more psychology, philosophy, politics, economics and such is on my agenda for the next few months, then hopefully the rest of my life. I'm probably trying to get a book every few days-week done depending how busy I am though there has been days when I will rip through a book in a few hours. For Christmas I basically told my family all I wanted was a Kindle Paperwhite cause it's really not that expensive, will save me money, isn't going to kill my eyes like other tablets might and will help me learn. It also turns out it's waterproof, so you can read while you shower- real useful.

    Today I've got it and I've basically sat for the past 2 hours since I got home doing nothing but reading.

    I'm not really asking for an all encompassing list of magic but moreover a few things you've read that you think were worth it whether it taught you something, you enjoyed it, feel it offers an interesting angle or really any reason at all. I already have like 5-10 books lined up thankfully, but anyone who's read something remotely related to those topics I mentioned above who have read books of that nature that they enjoy I'd love to take your suggestions and give the books a chance. I'm not all that interested in reading fiction, romance, biographies but if there is something you read that you think is exceptional I'm open to the idea.

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    ooo, a fellow bibliophile! while im much more of a fantasy / realistic fiction kinda reader, i do have two things i learned / enjoyed from a more scholarly stand point that i think u could enjoy

    - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life - tl;dr: the title itself describes how personally ive always felt about how to live life and i seriously suggest it for anyone who wants to just peek their head into an interesting form of modern philosophy (read it... or not, i wont "give a f*ck", lol

    - How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler - more of a fantasy-esc based guide that goes through human history, or in the reader's case back through history, and explains the depts of human civilization and how they can be improve and such whilst remaining interesting and quizzical the whole read through (basically like a diet version of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, but based in our world)

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