Hello everyone,

The Staff of the Month award is to recognize staff members who are voted on by the IA and BD teams that go above and beyond each month and deserve recognition for the effort they give to make our community as great as it is. The recipient of this award will receive this cool forum award

And this awesome skin made by Darnias

With that said, the following user groups are eligible to earn this award:

  • Adminstrators
  • Senior Administrators
  • Legends
  • Server Representatives
  • Junior Technical Team
  • Technical Team
  • Administrative Team
  • Events Team
  • Media Team
  • Marketing Team

This month's Staff of the Month has proven himself to be a valuable asset to our team through his impressive playtimes and fun, positive attitude on the servers.
Join us in congratulating @WillofCamelot as the first recipient of this prestigious award!