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    Lowering Post Requirements for Admin Applications

    Hello everyone,

    The Board has decided to implement a trial run of dropping our post count requirement to cater to those who are not heavily forum-based. While not all of the threads and server messages may be accurately reflected at this point in time - the current post count requirement is dropped to 10. As mentioned, this is a trial run and we will review it and monitor it continuously. At this point time there is not change to anything else, however if this is successful then we will tailor everything else around it as needed.

    Tell all your friends that play on the servers a lot but don't post on the forums too often to come check it out!

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    Want to note; admin applications will still be taken the same. Meaning quality of posts, server time, and posting on applications will work the same way. The rules still apply so don't ignore them based on this change.

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