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    Scrim Server Rules

    Password: 321sg

    To join through console: connect; password 321sg

    Official Steam Group:

    Server rules

    • No ghosting/stream sniping
    • Respect admins and other players
    • No spamming of any kind (voice or chat)
    • No racism(Up to admin discretion, specific words are not banned but cannot be in your alias)
    • No advertising other servers, clans, or websites
    • No hacking/scripting, includes hyperscrolling, or any form of advantages gained from a 3rd party software/product
    • No confusing names or names that can't be pronounced, subject to admin discretion (includes invisible & foreign characters)
    • No bug abusing - do not abuse bugs you may find while playing. This includes encouraging or purposely hiding a known bug from staff

    Scrim Specific Rules

    • Streamers must have a minimum 1 round delay on their stream
    • Do not intentionally throw on the server. (Situational, up to discretion of the manager.)
    • No leaving in the middle of a live match. From the moment the map changes post-veto, the match is considered as live
    • Spot priority belongs to the players who played the MAJORITY of the single previous match. Any spots that are open after players from the previous match have joined, go to the player(s) with the longer connection time (type status in console to check) However, if at any point, either before the map change while waiting for for all 10 players to join a team and ready up or during the game itself, you go AFK for 5 minutes, your spot will be forfeited and the next person in line will claim your spot going forward and you will go to the back of the line.
    • No switching captains after map veto/map change.
    • If a player subs in during a match, they follow the priority status of server connection time through the status command.
    • If somebody asks you who you are, you must respond. If you are found to be a chronic smurfer you are subject to having your name forced to a specific one by a CA+

    Leaving Live Game Overview:

    • The presence of a sub does not justify a player leaving a match but it is highly encouraged that there is a sub before you leave. Exceptions may include but are not limited to potential emergencies or computer failures
    • A player's acceptance of being on a team from now on will be implicit approval and that they are warned about rage-quitting. RQ'ing will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, most likely punished by a strike.

    Unacceptable Reasons for Leaving a Live Scrim:

    • You didn't like the map that is being played.
    • You didn't like your teammates.
    • You had some scheduled event to go to. (Soccer practice, music lessons, family party, etc..)

    Please Note:
    • There are 5 Spectator slots available.

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    *In terms of quitting during live matches:
    - The presence of a sub does not justify a player leaving a match. Exceptions may include potential emergencies or computer failures pending an admin's approval*
    - Admins have the final say when it comes punishment for players leaving during a live match; admin discretion will be applied for this.
    - Leaving a scrim because you do not like the chosen map is a strikeable/bannable offense.
    - A player's acceptance of being on a team from now on will be implicit approval that they are warned about rage-quitting. RQ'ing will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, punished by a ban or a strike.
    Bumping this again.

    If you leave the match for anything other than an emergency or obvious computer issues, i.e. lag, ping, etc. you will be banned and striked, no exceptions. If there's any chance you won't be able to play an entire 90 minute competitive match, don't ready up. Your parents calling you down to do the dishes or walk your dog is NOT a valid reason to leave. Unfortunately, sometimes things do pop up out of the blue. If this does happen, let your team know so they don't have to play a 4v5.

    We are going to be cracking down on people leaving scrim much more from this point forward.

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