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    SG Zombie Escape Server Rules, Models, & Information

    Server Rules

    • Respect all players
    • No team killing / griefing
    • No hacking/scripting, includes hyperscrolling, aimbot, wallhacks, etc.
    • No spamming (voice or chat)
    • Racism rule up to discretion of administrators. No racist words allowed in steam names or clan tags.
    • No advertising other servers, clans, or websites
    • Do not evade punishment by rejoining the server
    • Do not use in-game names that break any of the above rules (ex. racism, advertising)
    • Do not abuse the !calladmin command by reporting players for fraudulent reasons
    • Friendly zombies are not allowed
    • Teamwork is required. Do not block or prevent teammates from reaching safety
    • Do not deliberately ruin rounds (ex. dropping a required item off a cliff)
    • Do not disconnect/reconnect or use the !afk command to avoid zombification
    • Do not purposely mislead humans as a zombie on maps in the Hard and Expert map categories
    • Do not purposely mislead humans as a fellow human

    Server Commands

    • /guns (a menu to choose starting guns)
    • /zmarket (menu to buy guns)
    • /bhud (Toggle boss hp on/off)
    • /hud (Toggles entwatch hud on/off)
    • /music (toggles the map music)
    • /stopmusic (stops current music)
    • /stopsound (turns players gun sounds on/off)
    • /noshake (turns off in-game shaking effects caused by map entities)
    • /voteleader [player] or /vl [player] (votes the specified player to lead)
    • /zmenu (menu for ZombieMod related settings)
    • /models (menu to choose player skins)
    • /hide (Makes humans transparent and boosts fps)
    • /hidearms (Hides arm model for Humans)
    • /store (menu to buy cosmetic items)
    • /perks (brings up rank perks menu)
    • /nominate [substring / part of map name] (quickly nominate a map)
    • /nominations (Display all player nominated maps)
    • /rtv (Vote to skip the map)
    • /afk (Sets you to spectate after 7 seconds)
    • /es [player] (easily spectate a player)
    • /speclist (enable / disable spectator list)
    • /sm [player] (self-mute a player)
    • /su [player] (self-unmute a player)
    • /stuck (helps if you get stuck in a prop or something)
    • /ztele (Teleport back to spawn)
    • /tp or !thirdperson (toggles thirdperson on/off)
    • /calladmin (Command to request an admin and report rule-breakers)

    Quick-Buy Weapon Commands


    Player Ranks & Store Systems

    The SG Store
    • Earn credits for every minute played (doesnt count for spectators)
    • Credits are only lost when you purchase something
    • You can buy permanent cosmetics such as hats, tracers, paintballs, etc
    • Completely independent of the ranks system
    • Click here to see the full list of Store items

    Player Ranks
    • Tracks your wins / loses / kills and grants you a score
    • You get a special chat tag (type /ranks in-game) to go with your rank
    • It's competitive so you can lose your rank if someone else surpasses you
    • You also get special (cosmetic) perks (type /perks in-game) that you can lose with your rank
    • Check your current rank by typing /place in-game
    • Click here for a full explanation of the current rank system

    List of In-Game Ranks


    Useful Links

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    Zombie Escape Player Models

    Human Models

    Default Human Model

    Public Human Model
    Ash FBI

    Subscriber Human Model
    2B (Nier)

    Subscriber Human Model
    Doom Slayer

    VIP Human Model

    VIP Human Model
    Tourist Kermit

    VIP Human Model
    Buff Kermit

    VIP Human Model
    Left Shark

    VIP Human Model

    VIP Human Model

    Admin Human Model
    Ugandan Knuckles

    Zombie Models

    Mother Zombie Model

    Default Zombie Model

    Subscriber Zombie Model
    Xeno Soldier

    VIP Zombie Model
    Evil Kermit

    VIP Zombie Model

    Rank Models

    150 points & 150 infects
    Zombie Model Perk
    Corpse Eater

    300 points & 500 infects
    Zombie Model Perk

    Top 25 Human Model Perk

    Top 100 Zombie Model Perk
    Frozen Nazi

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