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    This is it

    As many of you might've noticed; I've stepped down, if you haven't I can't help you :/

    All jokes aside, before I say my reasons for leaving(don't get your hopes up) or start mentioning people, I want to say this: Steam-Gamers is changing, those days of the community sitting on it's ass doing nothing are ending; current Senior Representatives and future SR's know that your ranked has been rebuilt from the ground up and is no longer a meme rank; it's a serious rank now, working alongside the AT's, whom have also been getting more serious.

    That being said, it's a good transition as to why I'm leaving for a while. I hate being the weakest link and not carrying my own weight; the ATs have recently started to up the ante and if I stuck around 'helping' to manage 2 of the most popular servers, I'd inevitably pull them down, and I wouldn't want to do that; I love this place too much and want to see it prosper. Life has recently been clapping my cheeks, and if you have had any interaction with me for more than 5 minutes, you would be able to tell; while I am not comfortable sharing what all this hooplah is about, I do say this: I hope to be able to return one day and discuss it with ease.

    In my time hear, I have met some amazing people, whom I have kindled friendships with or admired from afar; since I'm leaving for a while, I guess now is a good time to dump how I feel all over this thread, note this is in no particular order, besides going down rank lists.

    @Leon Mordecai
    You were one of the first people I met here, while we didn't stay close; you did stay friendly, wanted to say thank you as I never properly have done so.

    I know you didn't like me when we first met, but I hope I managed to change that, you're an amazing artist and I might take you up on your offer when I return; keep Louis out of trouble and try to not drop nono words.

    I may have accidentally forgotten you in the higher up thread I sent you a PM saying the more sensitive stuff, but for the most part, I have no quarrels with you, stay safe Lamp.

    Still don't remember exactly how we met, but I'm glad we did; you're hilarious and I'm grateful for the laughs, especially when you get tased from 'nam

    @Exk you loser, check your Discord PMs

    @Alex ^

    @Greggy G
    Arguably my weirdest friendship here, but one I'm glad I made, keep it real man; don't let all the mud get you dirty.


    Check your DMs homie

    @Suri @Sarah
    This one goes to both of you, before we fell out, we were friends and much like Leon above I'm grateful, it helped me stick around before we all moved on; although your moaning and chocolate 'accessories' were weird asf.

    I want you to know, despite us not being able to see eye to eye now, and having this petty beef; at one point you were one of my closest friends, I told you my real name, which only a few select people know and trusted you whole-heartedly, despite us not seeing eye to eye anymore, and you catching me in a particularly bad mood that day, I wish you the best homie.

    There are more people, I've PMed some as those are more sensitive, but I know I haven't gotten everyone

    Stay safe SG, I'll be back

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    No worries

    Thanks for all the changes you have made around TTT and JB. You have helped the Forums and the servers grow, I wish you look to your future my favorite planet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DancingMoonLight View Post
    @Greggy G
    Arguably my weirdest friendship here, but one I'm glad I made, keep it real man; don't let all the mud get you dirty.
    Welp, guess my job here is done.

    Love you man, hope everything gets straightened in your real life and hope to catch up with you soon. Stay safe

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    Bye Felicia

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    bro this guy mentioned tides getting tased from nam and didn't even give credit to the guy who was sitting in the rice fields setting that play up.
    fake af

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    Does this mean we can still @ you on the discord??? Good thing that bot red made isnt on the sg discord

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    Two down, two to go.

    I need to stop with memes.

    Anyways I'm sad to see you go Moon, thanks for everything you did around here and the content, won't forget the dumb shit that we've done on matchmaking/scrim/servers and even the stupid stuff that we've laughed at in DC alot. Don't worry I won't be @ 'ing you hundreds of times while you're gone either xd.

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    U motherfucker how dare u leave me and not give me a @. gon miss yous

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    I always wanted to talk to you more. I'll miss you and I will keep nekopara close to my heart. Stay strong hope to talk to you in the future.

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