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    Minigames Rules and Information

    New to MiniGames?

    What is MiniGames?

    MiniGames is a gamemode taken right out of the previous game Source. It involves multiple maps with different styles of minigames and death-match games. The main objective of the gamemode is to eliminate the other team while following the objective. This could involve things like: Headshot only, Low Gravity, Pistols, Wall Hacks, and many more. We also have Auto-Hop on many maps to make it easier and more fun to play, and on maps we don't have auto-hop there is Easy-hop to replace it.

    Our servers main goal is to create a fun and happy environment for our members to play in. We love to welcome new players and are glad to see them stay around. The server has established its own player base filled with fun regulars eager to help new players; you should be able to quickly adapt to the play style and meet a few new friends. We are glad to see you have checked out our server and hope you stay!

    Server Managers


    Useful Links

    Official Steam-Gamers Group:
    Steam-Gamers MiniGames Group:

    Cool Stuff/Commands

    Weapon Skins - !ws and !knife (Lets players use custom weapon paints and knives)
    Calladmin - !calladmin (Allows players to call an admin on the server when there are rule-breakers)
    Store - !shop or !store (Lets players buy ingame items with credits they gain)
    Top/Place - !top and !rank (Allows players to view the top players of the server and their own rank)
    Nominate - !nominate (Allows players to nominate maps to vote for in the next vote)
    Rock the Vote - !rtv (Lets players immediately vote for the next map, skipping the current one)
    Hits - !hits (Lets you disable the damage indicator)
    Raffle - !raffle (Brings up the SG raffle menu where you can buy tickets to enter)
    Influx Commands for course - !toprank, !wr, !rankmenu, !help

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    MiniGames Rules, FAQs and Clarifications

    General Server Rules

    • Respect all admins and players alike.
    • No spamming of any kind (voice or chat).
    • Do not have confusing names or names that can't be pronounced, subject to admin discretion (includes invisible & foreign characters).
    • No advertising other by rejoining servers, clans or websites.
    • Do not evade punishment, for example if you’re muted do not rejoin the server right after your mute to avoid the mute.
    • No hacking/scripting. This includes hyperscrolling, auto hotkey scripts (AHK), aimbot, wallhacks etc.
    • No ghosting.
    • Do not abuse the !calladmin command by reporting players for fraudulent reasons.
    • Racism rule up to discretion of administrators. No racist words allowed in steam names or clan tags.

    MiniGames Rules

    • Don't pick the same game mode multiple (3 or more) times in a row.
    • No Team Killing.
    • No Delaying.
    • No Team-stacking.
    • No Point-Farming (letting people kill you or vice versa, with the intention of gaining points/rankings)
    • No Exploiting.

    What's MiniGames?


    What's Multigames?


    What's Deathmatch?


    What's Course?


    What's Team Killing?


    What's Ghosting?


    Are you able to get out of the map and/or prop glitch?


    What's Point Farming?


    How many times in a row can you select the same MiniGame?


    What's Delaying?


    Is it considered delaying if I'm not the last one alive in a course map?


    Why is auto-hop not enabled on all maps?


    What's Ghost Knifing?


    Why do my knives not work on some maps?


    How come on some maps I don't take fall damage and some I do?


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