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    The Marketing Team Wants You!

    Marketing Team is currently looking for applicants, form here.

    The team entails:

    • Managing all 3rd party sites/applications.
    • Managing all advertising, sponsorship's, and affiliations.
    • Recommending upgrades, and general marketing aspects for the community.
    • Researching what the community like/not.
    • Upkeeping the image of SG, and help expand.
    • Working w/ the Media Team to manage branding and community design.
    • Work with Media team to manage social media accounts (Youtube, Twitch, etc).
    • Much more
    Things we're looking for in applicants:

    • Possess decent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Be a mature member of the community.
    • Have a sense of responsibility and modesty.
    • Ability to have a productive discussion and work with a team.
    • Current or former staff members.

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    Note that just because it says we're looking for current or former staff members doesn't mean your application will be automatically rejected if you have never been staff here.It's not a requirement, just a plus.

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