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    Doing a JB map.

    Hello all,

    I've decided that I'm going to be making a jailbreak map themed off of memes. As memes are a large part of popular culture, I think it would be cool to make a map based off of them? I haven't done any detailing yet, as I just want to get a general map layout in place before I get into any big detail.

    Currently mapped areas:
    - Cells
    - Armory
    - Big Cage

    Planned areas:
    - Surf
    - Disco

    What I am posting this for is looking for ideas of areas to add to the map, as besides the idea of doing a meme map, I want this map to be based off of what the JB community wants. PLEASE leave ideas and suggestions on what to do with the map, all are welcome.

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    Think this thread might help you a bit

    My personal opinions is that I like a map that encourages guards or players to use/try different parts of the map. I would suggest making a minigame area where you have things like jumprope or race, but the losers only get teleported to a cage for holding/viewing the games so that way its not a deathgame. Also if you're making a meme-based map i would strongly suggest making the memes kinda not super outstanding or too flashy as it would probably get annoying but instead make them something you can notice and be like

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