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    Some Recognition + 'Personal Information'

    Hello everyone,

    I'm sure you guys have noticed that @Wawa is no longer a BD. Unfortunately, real life is taking priority and we have to respect that. Wawa has provided us with countless hours of service to this community, and for that we are forever grateful. We hope to see him back in the community soon, and maybe even someday back on the Board. There are no words that can accurately express our gratitude for the years of service he has provided us.

    I was also supposed to address the issue of 'personal information' about a month ago, but I have unfortunately been busy and unable to do so until now. Let's review the rule in regards to personal information (found in the 'Forum Rules'):
    Do not post personal information about yourself or others. We intend to protect the real-world identity and privacy of those who wish to maintain online anonymity.
    So, with that being said, you shouldn't be posting your personal information here. If you want to share your information outside of SG servers / forums, so be it. We went through and got rid of some threads that were too much information. There are some still up, like post pics of yourself and post your snapchat. In general, something like this is going to be a case-by-case basis. In general, snapchats are probably the only social media type thing that we are going to be cool with. If you want to share anything else, just take it off of SG or ask a BD if it's cool. There was a problem in the past with someone posting their information and then it being reposted by someone else - both parties were at fault and tbh it shouldn't have happened on either end.

    Any questions can be directed to myself or the rest of the Board.


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    @Wawa congrats!

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    Take care @Wawa. See you around!

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    Big sorry on my part, it's mostly my fault that situation could have happened, I dont blame myself for it being reposted, but it was idiotic
    for me to post an address, prior or current.
    Good luck with life Wawa, thanks for helping to make this community great.
    Also loved the pun @Caution, thanks for addressing that issue!

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    A new addition to the Legends. Hopefully i get to actually see Wawa around sometimes. Hope your stuff gets sorted out nicely dude!

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    Love you @Wawa im sure ill see you on MG in the near future.

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    Thank you for your hard work Wawa, also happy birthday.

    Thanks Caution and the Board for focusing on keeping personal player information safe.

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