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    SG Presidential Award Additions

    Hello all,

    I would like to take an opportunity to award some more members with the Presidential Award. If you are not aware, this award can only be given out by the current President or Vice President - the award is given to those who earn a special commendation for past achievements and work at SG, which have resulted in a major impact on our community at large.

    The following people have received the Presidential Award:


    Without Haggard, we would not be where we are today. He founded the community in 2007 under the name Zombie Murder, working to create the best online community for CS:S zombie mod servers. Over time, the community branched out into other game modes, eventually changing its name to the one we have today - Steam Gamers. His work on building up the community and staff at the outset is something that we owe him for big time. We are very grateful for all of the work he put in as founder and PO.


    Paul served on the Board of Directors and as President of Steam-Gamers along with other positions, and was an instrumental part of our team for the time he was active here. His tremendous mapping work earned us a huge publicity bump when one of his maps was featured on the main Steam page for CS:GO a few years ago. When people think of Steam-Gamers, a lot of answers point to Paul as his maps are known and recognized across almost every community server. He definitely deserves special recognition for all he has done for SG.


    Spartan served as Steam-Gamers' President and Owner from 2011 to 2015 - before that, he had been on the Board and a Higher up for longer than most of us have been here. As we expanded our offering into CS:GO and GMod, Spartan diligently worked with the Board and the rest of the staff to get us where we needed to be. His long tenure on staff (branching back to 2008) made him a fixture in our community's structure - the mark he left on our community's operations will not soon be forgotten.

    Please join me in thanking and congratulating these three for all they have done for the community!

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    Congrats to the three of you! Too bad you aren't active to see this :(((

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    Congrats bros. Maybe you can come back and be active in the awesome community you all helped make

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    Thank all of you for the tremendous work y’all have done for this community.

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    Congrats guys! Well earned!

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