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    Liam Brown

    A long overdue update for the Store

    I'm pleased to announce what is definitely a long overdue update for the CS:GO Store. This has been in the works for a few months now and contains a load of new content, and some new features as well. I hope you guys enjoy it, and look out for more updates coming in the near future.

    27 Auras in total — Including 10 exclusive for VIP and Subscriber

    20 Particle Trails in total — Including 6 exclusive for VIP and Subscriber


    In case you think certain items get in the way or you don't like the way they look, you can now toggle any effect or sprite based item from showing on your screen. You can now save your currently equipped items to a loadout slot, allowing you to instantly re-equip that loadout on any server, saving you from having to equip the items individually over and over again.

    • Fixed in-game previews
    • Fixed items not showing when in third person
    • Fixed various trail related bugs
    • Added chat commands for item menus (!skin, !trail, etc.)
    • Improved look of spawn effects
    • Changed cost of many items
    • Extensive codebase rewrite and optimisations

    Please Note: You may need to rejoin or wait for a map change after first downloading the Auras and Particle Trails for them to show up correctly, after that it shouldn't be an issue again. This is simply a quirk of CS:GO and unfortunately can't be fixed.

    And finally, for the next four days from now until monday, you'll earn 2x credits when playing on our servers. Now go and fill them up

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    Get shredded, freak

    And I thought Christmas was over.. Thanks! Can't wait to put my 40k to use!

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    This is fucking awesome!!! Thank you very much! @Liam Brown

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    Senior Administrator

    Omg yassss I’m so hyped, thank god I have so many credits. Thanks Liam

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    SG Elite

    Nice job liam, still amazed by all the work you do for this community.

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    I am not here

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    Time to get rid of my 100k+ credits, this is fucking insane Liam. Thank you!

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    Senior Administrator

    Where is the pet or trail tho?

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    Senior Administrator

    That moment @Liam Brown actually secretly flexed on all of us showing off his 544986 credits - BUT Thank you for this amazing update. jesus i'll be broke after this

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    Casually Persistent

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