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    Stepping Down

    Well, I didn’t think this was going to happen anytime soon but I recently have gotten some great news. I will now be working with my local Police department and will hopefully be able to move up in the years to come! However, lately I have been losing motivation to work and manage the JB server which isn't fair to @Nimmy and I know someone else can take my spot and help manage the server better than I am at this point in time. I do feel I need to apologize and say sorry for my lack of effort into JB these past few months. I feel like I haven’t put my 100% into this server and for that I apologize.

    I have been a member of the forums since 2009 and played on the servers for a year before that and I would like to take time to remember that. SteamGamers has been a place where I’ve spent months of my life, I started out playing ZE. I then branched out to JB, and MG. Let me tell you those times were some of the most fun I’ve had online in my life.

    This community has always been a place where I go to have fun and enjoy myself and spend time with you guys. I want to thank all of you for making this period of my life so extremely enjoyable. I was going through a lot around 2007-2014 and this community helped me through and extremely hard time in my life without going into a lot of details. The people in the community are some of the best people I’ve ever had the chance and fortune to play with. There are so many memories I have with so many of you that honestly, I can’t ever forget.

    Obligatory tagging two people who have made my time here amazing and I wish them the very best.

    @matt – You were one of the first people I ever met at SG, and one of my best friends from this community. I can’t even begin to go over all the stupid shit we’ve done and said in the servers. Thanks for guiding me through the ranks and always lending a hand whenever I needed help.

    @Bread – You’ve been around Matt and I since the beginning. Haha, I remember we argued who would get admin, then CA, AO, and BD first. You won all of them, congrats buddy. Thanks for all the fun and don’t forget my drunk singing and maybe one day you’ll do it with me again!

    @TheVirus – I don’t know if you even look at the forums anymore but if you do thanks for mentoring me when I was younger and for creating one my most favorite memories of you playing your ZE drinking game back in the CS:S days!

    Sorry I can’t tag everyone! I’ll still be around but I just don’t have time and motivation to continue my position. I know one of you will take my place and do a fantastic job!

    Thank you,


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    All Ts
    Honorable Gamer

    You're one of the most humble guys I know on this community, easy to speak to, and despite being busy you always had the best intentions for JB.

    Stay in touch, hope to see you around.

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    Jake (01-04-2018)

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    SG's OG furball

    We will miss you jake! Good luck with the pd!

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    Jake (01-04-2018)

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    Sad to see you go. You've been around since the beginning of my journey with SG and I hate that I have to see your end. You're a great guy and I won't forget the memories. Thanks for everything you've done homie

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    Jake (01-04-2018)

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    Damn Jake it really sucks to see you go, you were cool as hell and extremely humble, I enjoyed seeing you around and the last few days I really enjoyed working with you, I hope life goes well for you, don't be a stranger!

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    Jake (01-04-2018)

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    Senior Administrator

    Thanks for everything Jake. You helped out a lot with the servers and with me. I’m gonna miss our laughs on ttt. See you around bro.

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    Jake (01-04-2018)

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    Big Daddy Nim Nims

    I love you Jakey, thanks for everything man.

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    Jake (01-04-2018)

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    Thanks for everything you have done around here Jake. Hope life treats you good and we hope to see you around. Take care man.

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    Jake (01-04-2018)

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    Greggy G
    ChinChilla God

    Thank you for everything Jake, you where always so nice and friendly to all, always helped in any way whenever I was on. Good luck working with the police, good to know you are doing right for your irl community.

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    Jake (01-04-2018)

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    Bros for life. <3

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    Bread (01-04-2018), Jake (01-04-2018)

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