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    Abusing Calladmin

    I was honestly really hoping that I would not have to make a thread like this officially creating a rule for this...but here it goes:

    If you abuse the calladmin feature by making reports that are ridiculous, you will be banned upon someone bringing it to the attention of a higher up. While there are situations where people may blow something out of proportion or take something out of context - this is not what I am referring to, at all. I don't want anybody to feel hesitant to report actual rule breaking, because that's what it's there for. Examples of what not to do:

    need more to play
    lol hi
    come play
    this guy is a faggot bitch
    The plugin is used for alerting an admin to an actual situation where rules are being broken. CA's and AO's will gradually start implementing this into text across the servers, but we are officially punishing for it as of now. If there are any questions, feel free to ask.

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    This command gets abuse every day and used for ghosting (messages to dead to alive players) to tell who is a T if they are delaying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devol View Post
    This command gets abuse every day and used for ghosting (messages to dead to alive players) to tell who is a T if they are delaying.
    Haven't seen the plugin being used this way. Perhaps changing it to "Y was reported" or "admin called on Y" instead of "X reported Y for REASON" ?

    edit: Upon checking rules, it's already in there. You'd have to be pretty stupid to use that thought, you're telling every staff member that you're breaking rules.

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    The higher-up staff is at an agreement to make it so that SA+ can punish players for CallAdmin abuse, as described above. With that being said, admin protocol will be used when dealing with these situations (warning given first to abuser, next is ban). In the abnormal circumstance that an admin is reported by another player using CallAdmin, that player is to be instructed to visit the forums and log a formal admin complaint and told not to report admins via the plugin anymore.

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