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    Vice Prezident

    SG Most servers are currently down due to CS:GO update

    Hi all,

    The servers that run sourcemod and metamod are currently down due to the plugins needing an update from SM devs. Until this is fixed those servers will be unavailable. We'll look to get them up and running as soon as possible.


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    Liam Brown

    Some temporary fixes have been implemented on a few of the servers. These are very weak fixes, but they're the best we can do at the moment. You should expect all the servers to still be unstable and prone to crashes, at least until an official patch is released by either Valve or the SourceMod developers.

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    Vice Prezident

    We've pushed another update (thanks @Liam Brown) that other servers have claimed fixes the crashes. Please bear with us as nothing is confirmed fixed yet, but the servers should be up for the time being.

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    Liam Brown

    As some of you may have noticed the servers are back up and running as normal again. The working fix ending up being to add GOTV to the crashing servers (yes, really). We'll update you guys if anything changes going forward.

    Thank you for your patience guys, and please join me in wishing Valve a very merry and much deserved: Fuck you.

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