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    Leon Mordecai
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    Cool Weeb out

    Hi hi, so if you haven't noticed I went from a weeb Administrative Officer orange to a weeb Legend grape. A lot of people are probably wondering why after all the work I did and enjoyed doing that I'd decide to turn myself into a Legend. Well basically in truth I messed up. Some things happened that I thought I could fix with people but it spiraled out of control and I failed to control certain emotions. But that's pretty much what happened, no one's fault except for mine alone. What I really wanted to type is a huge thanks to everyone for allowing me to become an AO of this community. I did enjoy working with everyone to make ZE and the community better. In time I hope that maybe I can come back better than ever and help administrate the servers again.

    Another thing I wanted to do was say some advice and mention a few people. While I did want to mention every person individually, I'd feel that it would take forever so rather I decided to group it up.

    To the Board of Directors:
    Thank you so much for allowing me to become an AO and CA and pretty much any administrative rank so that I can further help the community. I know in the past I made some mistakes on my end and sorry that you had to deal with that. I'm not sure what specific kinds of work you guys do, but the amount of it that you do is amazing. Even me being an AO with my own work load probably didn't compare to the stuff you guys have to deal with. To be honest there isn't much for me to say other than you few have done amazing keeping this community alive for so long. Keep doing what you guys/girl are doing.

    To the Technical Administrators:
    Probably the quietest of the entire staff, but by fair just as important. All the technical work done to fix the servers, the website, and pretty much any sort of technical issues you guys have been able to fix. A lot of people don't know you guys as much, but to me without you I probably would have been stumped on some of the server issues that I had a hard time figuring out.

    To the Administrative Officers:
    It was a blast working with you guys in terms of discussing important topics, working on the servers, planning for events, etc. I know that a lot of it is tough and tedious at times but in the end you all will pull through to make each server special. Keep working hard, you guys are the prime figureheads when it comes to each server that you help manage. Listen to all the discussions and ideas as much as possible because you never know if that one idea will help change everything. Remember that you were hand picked by the BDs because they trust in you to do what needs to be done. Be a role model for everyone in this community and to help them strive for something good. Keep up with the perm requests and ban appeals too ofc.

    To the Community Advisors:
    A lot of people joke around or say that you guys are just "glorified SAs" with forum mod powers. It may be true, but to me you guys aren't just glorified SAs. You guys are the bridge between the higher up and the regulars and SAs who play on the server. When ideas and suggestions start to come around you guys have to be on point with them and bring them up to the higher ups as much as possible. That's the most important thing for a CA than doing player complaints or award requests. Without those ideas and suggestions being discussed and brought up this community wouldn't have progressed as far as it has. So do give out your ideas, opinions and suggestions, help the higher ups on the servers for example planning out events, keep doing the forum related tasks and also be a good role model to the SAs and regulars on the servers and forum. Remember your roles as a community advisor because it benefits the entire community more than you think and I'm sure that if you do help a lot then in time you'll see it come to light.

    To the Server Administrators:
    There are a lot of you guys for sure. Maintaining the peace on the servers every day is difficult to do, especially on the servers that need it the most. I know it can be frustrating at times, people will think you're not doing your job properly or make admin complaints or worse but all I can say is do the best that you possibly can. Set an example for the people who do want to become a Server Administrator one day. Help out with anything that the higher ups need to get done and try to stand out from the rest, especially if you want to see yourself helping out more as a higher up. Don't be afraid to try new things or speak your mind so long as its bettering the community.

    To the other Legends and Honorable Gamers:
    Thank you so much for your commitment and time in helping make this community what it is today. Some of you I know while others I don't but again thank you and I hope to see you guys around at some point.

    To my fellow Zombie Escape players:
    Keep working together to make the server a special place. Try your best to beat all the maps on the list and also bringing up ideas to better the server. I know there's a lot of controversy and issues with the whole tryhard vs casuals bit, but in the end you have to work together if you want to see the server at its peak. I'm sorry if I couldn't do everything that I promised but I hope I left it in goods hands and different than when I first started playing it.

    To everyone else:
    Have fun in this community. Don't take things too seriously and don't let things get to you even if its unavoidable at times. You guys can help the community just as much in other ways as well. If you do want to become part of the staff then you have to prove it to others which might be asking a lot but its worth it in the end, especially if you love this community just as much as I do.

    For me, there are some things I need to do. There was a lot that I wanted to accomplish but in the end I couldn't do them in time. I hope that the current ZE managers and whoever else replaces me can do just as good if not better than it is now. I'll still be around or try to but I'll be on and off since its hard to completely leave a community that I thoroughly enjoyed working with. There are some things I have to figure out with myself as well. I'm sorry to the people I let down and hurt, I hope that in time things will work out again. Again, thank you everyone for allowing me to help so much and be a part of this community.

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    Jonathan Drouin
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    Thanks for everything you've done here. I hope you figure things out and return soon. Good luck!

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    Thanks for everything Leon, you truly made zombie escape a great server to play on.

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    Hello! from The Oven
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOO your were the only way for us to have a chance to get some weeb skins on the servers why now. #BRINGBACKTHATWEEEB to revolt and have him back on that ao position. but good luck man. you will probably come back sooner then you think

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    Thanks for the services Leon. Let's play together some day

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    inb4 CA memes again Probably the biggest surprise I have witnessed. You loved being a CA and I bet you enjoyed AO a lot, so I least expected you to pull off that thing.

    It was a pleasure helping you with ZE whenever you asked and it's a pity to see you step down, but hopefully you can do what you wanted to do and eventually come back to the admin ranks (not like Legends have SA powers but that's not the same :U).

    P.S since you're no longer managing ZE can we get rid of that weeb skin now? c:

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    I am not here
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    Leon, you were one of the hardest working AOs I've ever seen--incredible work ethic. Your absence will definitely be felt, just as your presence was.

    You're a good friend and always will be to me, hope you stick around in the community for a little while longer

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    Thanks for everything you wonderful weeb ;)

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    Sad to see you go Leon, however I'll be gladly awaiting your return!

    I met you within the first month of me being introduced to this community and you were nothing but lovely. I was happy to meet you and be alongside you within the ranks for some time. I wish you well with whatever you get up to and hope that you know that you're loved by a lot of people here! Thanks for all the time and passion you have given to the community.

    All the best <3

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    Damn this sucks seeing you step down you i still remember you being a little weeb sa and going through all the ranks and shit. Thanks for everything you've ever done for me and the community. You better still be on ts I love you bro.

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