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    Ya little psycho

    Random Question of the Day [May 30, 2017]

    Hello fellow scallywagons.
    I was wondering, does anyone have any tattoos?
    If not, would you like a tattoo and what would it be of?
    I know a lot of players are too young to get tattoos, so I'm just curious
    Here's a picture of mine:

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    I'm only 17 but when I turn 18 I'm gonna try to get one even though my parents might disapprove. Idk what I want to get though, haven't put much time into thinking about it.

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    Because I was Inverted

    I don't have any yet but I'm about to get my forearms done. But I've tattooed my name on three people who were dumb enough to trust me with a tattoo gun.

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    Senior Administrator

    I also don't have a tattoo either but I will be getting a cross on my shoulder blade or in the middle of my back.

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    Because I was Inverted

    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon View Post
    middle of my back.
    so you're getting a tramp stamp of jesus?

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    I Am Wolf

    Personally i think tats are pointless cause just think what its going to look like when ur skin turns wrinkley and shit like there is no point that i see to get a tat.

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    Dazed and Confused

    I've been turning over the idea of a sleeve or or two in my head for a while now, but, I honestly have no idea what I would like on my arms.

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    Jonathan Drouin
    SG Elite

    I don't have one, but I'm getting this.

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    SG Addict

    For me personally i don't really want to tattoo but it did interest me once and the one i wanted was something like this

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    Ya little psycho

    Do you know what you're getting, @Caution?

    Were all gonna be old a wrinkly eventually, i dont really see a problem with it.

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