Here is a simple guide with tips to help beginners with learning how to surf, it can be accessed anytime in game by typing !guide.

- The most basic way to learn it is to remember this figure: D/\A
- Hold D on the left side of the ramp, and hold A while on the right side. It's always the opposite of the slop you are currently on.

- You only use A and D while surfing, you will almost never use the W or S key unless you are purposely trying to stop your motion, and you will be holding down either the A or D key at all times.

- Going from the top of a ramp towards the bottom will always increase your speed. If you want to maintain this speed when moving from ramp to ramp, you will want to turn up towards the end of the ramp, to launch off while being able to reach the necessary distance for the next ramp. You will almost always want to aim for the top corner of the next ramp, in order to maintain your speed and use gravity to your advantage.

- The best way to practice strafe patterns, which are necessary for surf, is to play on an ice skating map and practice making figure eights. The same motion patterns are used while surfing.

- Once you get the basics down, the best thing for you to do is to continuously practice. The proper motions and techniques will become muscle memory with enough practice.

Here's an in depth video, for people who learn better from watching it in action: