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    Sometimes goodbye is a second chance

    So this is the kinda thread that I wasn't anticipating making this soon but all things come to end at some point eh?

    I first joined SG right about 6 years ago now and my life was forever changed. I've been on and off with this community for those 6 years and the past year and half has been the most constant I've been here. In that time span, I went from an old regular returning out of no where, to climbing the ranks (by the grace of god) to AO over the server that, all jokes aside, has provided a great source of entertainment to me.

    Lets cut to the chase before I drag on (which I will). There's been some personal things going on in my life the past few months and it's all starting to build up. Between constant issues at work with other people quitting or causing issues, and with being evicted from my home of 8 years, my attitude lately has been suffering because of it. And it isn't fair to the regs, the admins, the CAs or the AO+ team for me to cause any issues to them. As you may have already noticed, I have resigned from my duties as AO of JailBreak. It is for the best that I step away from my responsibilities and take the time to assess some things and work on bettering some issues.

    To avoid any rumors or gossip, this is a decision that every single BD and myself mutually agree on. We all reached an understanding and there is no ill-feelings amongst any of us (to my knowledge >.>). We all agree this is for the best.

    These past 6 months have been fun for me. Even when I was promoted to CA, I always told myself I wouldn't want AO because I wouldn't want to do the work. But then the time came when PB needed an AO and I gladly accepted those shoes. I'd like to thank @Nuclear Onion for guiding me through my journey from reg all the way to AO. Onion provided help and gave me advice early on in my tenure as AO. He's been a constant friend for me the past year and a half, and even though his team is fucking garbage, I still love him like a brother. Thank you for being there for me the past year and I look forward to more memes in overwatch and various other games.

    Next I'd like to thank @Wawa . I worked closely with him when I got AO and I couldn't have picked a better partner-in-crime...well except maybe Onion Jokes aside, Wawa is a fantastic person and I was honored to work with him. He's fun to hang around with, and I wish him well in his life with his wife (even if she makes him not use mic :P ). My only regret with Wawa is that my time working with him wasn't as long as I would have liked. If I could rewind time, I'd go back and find a way to make our time together on PB longer.

    As for my other AO teammates, thank you to @Black Rain and @Vick for being the steady foundation the past 6 months. I think I came to you two with more questions than I did with any other AO. I'll admit, my first experience with Black Rain was when she told me not to abuse powers when I teleported bubblez, and my exact thoughts were along the lines of "who the hell is this bitch...fuck off". Now look at us. I believe it was directly from me becoming AO that led to us having a friendship, and I'll cherish that forever. Same can be said with Vick. Vick probably receives the least amount of credit for all he does in this community. Despite somehow having 3,000+ posts, he's relatively quiet. But he's constantly working behind the scenes trying to do what he can to better this community, and I think everyone should applaud him for that.

    Then there's @SL4DE.... fucking slade man. I've made fun of you for being an emotional fuck many times before, and now here I am being the emotional fuck... Slade, I hope you do well in your future endeavours as AO. You are a great man and I have had many fond memories with you. You have also been a steady friend for me the past year and a half, and I believe we got SA around the same time as each other. Were it not for you being sent out on your boat ship, I feel we would have only had even better memories. But then again, maybe those absences only further strengthened our bond. Something something...emotional fuck

    Lastly we have @arottenpickle @matt and @Jake Pickle I know you the best out of the three. I'll be honest, earlier this year I think our relationship hit a rough patch when I removed you on steam due to some personal issues. But since then I feel like we've at least made our amends. I feel like you've done a fantastic job as AO and know you will continue to do so. Matt, cut to the chase here, our AO relationship was off to a rough start. Not everyone will know that, but I'll be brutally honest. I feel I could have done some things better to avoid some confrontation, but I believe in the end we made our amends and I hope to call you a friend. Best of luck with your servers. Jake, you're the oldest AO (community year wise). I was glad to see you promoted, and you've done a good job since then. We haven't talked too much, but I wish you nothing but the best.

    Moving onto the BDs.

    @Caution we started off with an interesting AO-BD relationship. Right out of the gate of me getting AO, I had you breathing down my neck wanting this and that changed on PB. Come to find out, you were testing me, and I'm glad to say I passed...least I think I did >.> Regardless, had it not been for me gettin AO, I honestly think to this day I would have had almost no relationship with you whatsoever. It saddens me to see our AO-BD relationship come to such a rocky end, and I do publicly, and honestly apologize for not handling it better. I didn't hold up my end as AO, and I'm sorry. I hope that in the future, we can return to our "glory-days" of me pulling an all-nighter because you talked me into playing Payday. You've been a constant in this community for years, and I don't doubt that a big reason it still exists is from the work you did. Thank you.

    @XeNo I've known you the longest (even had your admin rec back in 2013 ;) ). I wish things had gone different, and that gmod TTT would have been a thing that I would have gladly helped you on. But it was not meant to be, and props to Retro and the AO team for getting csgo TTT running and steady. I feel I've worked a little with you since getting AO, but appreciate all you've done for this community and hope to maybe play some video games in the future. P.S. I still think you look a little like Onion.

    @SpikedRocker and @Revenga the two most quiet BDs (no offense bread). I mentioned vick getting such little credit for his work, I feel you two both aren't given recognition for what you do. You aren't very flashy with your work, but you both put in the time and effort for this community and it is better because of it. Spiked let me just publicly apologize for not replying to you very often on steam. We do share a mutual interest in RWBY and we do need to play it sometime. I hope that with me having more time without having to worry about AO duties, that we can potentially make our friendship better. Revenga, I think I've talked to you the least since getting AO. But you were there for me if I ever had any questions and I thank you for that.

    Lastly, @Bread. Fuck you kid
    could I really have this any other way? <3

    Lastly for the AO+ team, I'd like to thank @Liam Brown (or according to my web browser, literally Jesus) You are another silent saint of SG. Whenever I had a question or needed help, I knew I could come to you. I'd message you, get no response, then about 20 minutes later you'd message me "Here's this, this and this. This does this, and that does that. Let me know if you need any help." I don't know how you do it, but you're a saint and a godsend to this community.

    I can take this post and go on further but I already know what most of you are thinking "jesus christ goku really?" But its part of the charm eh? So I'll make these last few mentions quick.

    @souceboss I truly mean it when I say I'm proud of you. I feel like its a night and day difference between the way you are now, and the way you were last year. I truly feel like a father watching his son grow. I think your decision making and thoughts have matured and I and proud to call you a friend...even if you make it weird sometimes all the time.

    @Dominic I reall am proud of how far you've come the past few months. I openly was against you getting admin, and now here we are a few months later and you've been a huge help as a CA. I think you've come far, and your journey is not yet completed.

    As for the rest of the CAs and SAs that I've worked with, thank each and every one of you for making this experience truly unique. People sometimes underestimate the amount of shit that the SA+ team has to deal with, and I thank you guys for being the warriors we need.

    This post is long enough as is, so if I didn't mention anyone and you feel left out, I apologize. I do want to say thank you to @bethy as she was a huge help and friend for me the first year of my adminship. I miss you and hope all is well in your life.

    And that's it folks. Thank you to everyone for making my time special and I will miss handling JB. I do not know who will take over in my place, but you ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask. I believe I still have every file I ever touched on the server and will be more than happy to help where if you need any good gifs my imgur is full of them ;)

    I was never good at goodbye, so instead I leave you with this:

    See you all Saturday night

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    Also let me just say, jesus fuck the forums look empty without the CA and AO section >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goku View Post
    Also let me just say, jesus fuck the forums look empty without the CA and AO section >.>
    First thing I noticed too

    RIP mate, best of luck in all of your future endeavors and hope to see you memeing around often :^) Though we didn't work together on the AO team for a super long time, you were a great asset to the team when I worked alongside you and since then your contributions to the community at large are well noted. Thank you for all you've done in and for the community!

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    back at it again

    How the fuck do you type long paragraphs like these so fast?

    Also, R.I.P. you not having the power to kick @souceboss from TS anymore when he pronounces the word 'cache' as 'cash-ayy'.

    Seriously though you were an awesome AO and will always be a great friend to have in this community for as long as we're both still around. Thanks for all of your hard work and your teamwork in managing JB.

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    Dazed & Confused

    Thanks for all you've done for this community and for putting up with all the jailbreak shit posts.

    Hope everything works out for you in real life!

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    SG Addict

    You shall be missed even if your memes were ok at best.

    The one who misses you the most will be the successor to JB AO.

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    smiley :]
    i'm hungry

    Honestly thank you for all of your hard work. I really enjoyed your singing and screaming. Much appreciation and i hope that life treats you well :-)

    For your goodbye gift, can you pwetty pwease sing a full song? It could be any song!!

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    Creator of TTT

    LG is a fun life

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    Quote Originally Posted by smiley View Post
    For your goodbye gift, can you pwetty pwease sing a full song? It could be any song!!
    Saturday night after a few shots of whisky

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goku View Post

    As for my other AO teammates, thank you to @Black Rain and @Vick for being the steady foundation the past 6 months. I think I came to you two with more questions than I did with any other AO. I'll admit, my first experience with Black Rain was when she told me not to abuse powers when I teleported bubblez, and my exact thoughts were along the lines of "who the hell is this bitch...fuck off".
    LOL. In return I got abused a lot by Goku xd

    I did this just for you ok but thank you for be an awesome AO and helping out on ZE when I was soloing it for a while. You handled JB pretty well and you deserve the recognition for the work. Thanks again and uh c u soon drunko xd

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