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    Honorable Gamer

    @Goku, I'm honestly disappointed in you that Party Boat was never mentioned.

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    SG's OG furball

    Good luck @Goku. Lets hope you can get this all resolved quickly so I can annoy you again <3

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    Honorable Gamer

    You have been great Goku and will continue to be no matter what role your in with the community. Best wishes to you

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    Danger Noodle

    Quote Originally Posted by Goku View Post
    Then there's @SL4DE.... fucking slade man. I've made fun of you for being an emotional fuck many times before, and now here I am being the emotional fuck... Slade, I hope you do well in your future endeavors as AO. You are a great man and I have had many fond memories with you. You have also been a steady friend for me the past year and a half, and I believe we got SA around the same time as each other. Were it not for you being sent out on your boat ship, I feel we would have only had even better memories. But then again, maybe those absences only further strengthened our bond. Something something...emotional fuck
    Fucking Goku.

    I remember when I was moving accounts, decided to load up CS:GO and dick around on some community servers. I saw Jailbreak, and I was surprised that it was even still a thing nowadays, especially in CS:GO. I played it, enjoyed it, then met a guy named Goku. He was pretty chill, and knew how to rebel, so we became friends. I was getting out of highlander at the time, between communities, and asked Goku about SG. Turns out, they had some CSS JB servers as well. I did some research and decided to see how fucked up SG was compared to other communities I've been with. A few months later, Goku applied for admin, I said "fuck it" and applied as well. We got admin about the same time, and rose up the ranks. From there, well, here we are.

    A lot has changed in this year-and-a-half I've officially been part of SG, and Goku has been there for it all. You've been a great help with me as an SA, CA, and AO, and you've been an even better friend. I'll never forget the moments we had together, and by chance, I was able to record a few of them!

    The meme

    The laughing fit

    The legacy of Goku

    Destroying in overwatch part 1

    Destroying in overwatch part 2

    and you call me emotional?

    But all and all, I'm gonna miss doing AO shit with ya, and you better stay with SG for many years to come. You deserve legend with everything you've done at SG, especially JB.

    On tinychat, tonight, there will be a toast.

    Here's to you and, here's to me,
    Best of friends we'll ever be.
    And if we ever disagree,
    Fuck you, and here's to me.

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    Baghdad ass up

    Watching you sit through the entire Reaper reload animation is so triggering. @SL4DE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan View Post
    @Goku it will happen!!

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    Imma Miss You Goku

    I'll be honest Im still pretty new to SG but I have almost 200 hours on the Jailbreak server and I've loved every second I've spent on it, I never really knew you personally Goku but I'm really gonna miss you, you always knew what was best for the server and even when something wasn't great for the server you still found a way to make sure it was still fun to play. I really hope whoever steps in as leader does their job as good as you did. See ya later Goku.

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    Server Administrator

    I haven't had too many interactions with you other than occasionally when I got on TS or saw you on the servers every now and then. I will say that you've done a great job that most other people couldn't do keeping jb up and you've made it fun for all of us. Good luck and Thank you!

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    SG Member

    +1 for drunk new year's. the singing was on point. you will be remembered and looked up at.

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