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    Board of Directors

    Christmas GunGame and New Awards!

    As some of you have noticed, there hasn't been any public mention of December's MGT yet - this is because we are putting up our special annual Christmas server to last the rest of the holiday season!

    Christmas GunGame

    Server IP:

    Here are the skins that will be used (type !models to access them):

    T Public:


    CT Public

    T Subscriber

    CT Subscriber

    T Admin


    -The server is running reverse gungame

    -Deathmatch is enabled

    Rank commands:
    !level - Show your current level and who is winning.
    !weapons - Show the weapon order.
    !score - Show all player current scores.
    !top - Show the top winners on the server.
    !leader - Show current leaders.
    !rank - Show your current place in stats. (only if sql stats enabled)
    !rules - Show the rules and how to play.

    -Here is the starting maplist for the server:

    There's a pretty large variation in map size, so take this into account when voting on a map, depending on the amount of players on the server.

    -You can report any issues to myself or any AO.

    New Awards

    Next up, we have 4 new awards to introduce! These are all specific to our skill surf server, and are based off of the percentage of maps you have completed:

    - Complete 5% of maps
    - Complete 25% of maps
    - Complete 50% of maps
    - Complete 90% of maps

    You can see the percentage of maps you have complete by typing !top and finding your name on the leader board. Feel free to take a screenshot of this when requesting the award, as it will save the CAs the trouble of joining the server and looking it up themselves. You can view and request these awards here: here

    Special thanks to @Vick @Nuclear Onion @Post @Dominic @Thomson @Leon Mordecai and @matt for help testing the server, @Liam Brown for recoloring the santa skin to blue, @R3TROATTACK for fixing a few plugin issues, and @Post again for creating the new award images.


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    Yayy gungame gungame is the best! Looking a lot forward to playing it!

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    New award for me :D

    Cant wait for gun-game so I can win every time

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    Nuclear Onion
    I am not Mattime.

    Finally I can show off my surf skills. Wait fuck D:

    Thanks @Bread for doing something for once

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    Bread (12-14-2016)

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    Creator of TTT

    Fuck now im goin gto have to play surf again >.<

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    Board of Directors

    Here's a map pack for all the maps currently on the server:

    Feel free to request any Christmas related maps you guys might have lying around, new maps are always welcomed.

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    Nuclear Onion (12-14-2016)

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    SG Elite

    Aye, Gonna be good.
    Will be nice to once again play GG

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    I'm halfway tempted to hope on CSGO for the first time in like 6 months.

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    SG Regular

    No one is on it T~T

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    Board of Directors

    Server is now taken down, thanks everyone who came on to play! Stay tuned for more information on January's MGT server, it should be a good one.

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