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    Jail Break Rules and Clarifications Megathread

    This thread will serve as a megathread for all of the rules and clarifications for JB. This thread will include all of the server rules and all of the rules as they appear in the !rules plugin. A separate reply will be made to further clarify on the rules. If a situation isn't explained in this thread, check out the FAQ thread as well.

    •CT's cannot harm T's unless orders are not being fulfilled.
    •Warning shots are always required unless the T is rebelling or blatantly disobeying orders.
    •CT's must give reasonable orders and shouldn't repeat the same orders often.
    •Freedays are not mandatory under any circumstances.
    •Cells must be opened at a reasonable time, ideally by 4:00.
    •CT's may camp as long as they are helping their team. The last CT can camp, but cannot delay.
    •The last CT is not required to give warning shots.
    •CT's are not allowed to plant or bait the T's.
    •If a T harms a CT for any reason (other than actively doing a LR), the T can be killed.
    •Respect all admins and players alike.
    •No spamming of any kind (voice or chat).
    •No racism of any kind. This includes racist names, tags or gun names.
    •No advertising other servers, clans or websites.
    •Do not evade mutes by rejoining.
    •No hacking/scripting. This includes hyperscrolling, aimbot, wallhacks etc.
    •No ghosting.

    Full list of !rules as it appears in-game:

    What is Jailbreak?

    JB is a roleplay mod where CT's are guards and T's are prisoners. The guards order the prisoners around, but can't shoot them if they're following orders and not attacking. The goal is for T's to rebel & take control of the prison by killing every CT.

    What are Warning Shots?

    Warning shots are shots that do 1-99 damage. Only 1 can be administered to the offending T unless he continues to disobey the same order. Warning shots are always required unless the T is rebelling or blatantly disobeying.

    Can CTs force deathgames or LRs?

    No CTs cannot force deathgames, however they can force LRs if there are 3 or less Ts alive.

    Forced Lr Restrictions

    All LR restrictions still apply. CTs can not start forcing LRs until there are 3 or less Ts left alive.

    What are conflicting orders?

    Conflicting orders are any orders that conflict with a previously given order.

    Are special orders allowed?

    Special orders are allowed, but not to be abused.

    What is Rebelling?

    Rebelling is when a prisoner: Enters a KOS zone (Catwalks,SOME (see FAQ thread) Teleporters, Armory, Vents, Invisible Walls/Objects, Secrets), picks up primary weapon, draws/equips a pistol/zeus, harms/kills a CT, or breaks out of cell.

    What is Blatantly Disobeying?

    Blatantly disobeying is when someone is disobeying in a way that would make you lose track of them, and overall makes your job as a CT harder because you have to shift your focus from the main group of prisoners to the disobeying prisoner.

    Last CT

    Last CT is not allowed to kill Ts for no reason. Last CT is not required to use warning shots. Last CT can camp, as long as he is not delaying.

    Last Requests

    Last Requests must be reasonable, can not be timed, can not last the remainder of the round and must be agreed to by a CT. If a prisoner's LR is interrupted, the prisoner loses their LR and may request another one.A T may request to continue his Lr after it is complete, but CTs are not required to honor this request and the T may be killed. LRs are considered to be complete when the prisoner and/or participating CT dies.

    Harming a CT during a LR

    A prisoner is allowed to harm/kill the participating CT if their LR implies that the CT can be harmed/killed. The prisoner can be killed if they rebel (i.e. shooting another CT during s4s)

    What are Catwalks?

    Catwalks are defined as solid walking platforms that connect directly to the armory. If something looks like a catwalk, but doesn't connect to the armory, then it isn't one.

    Reasonable CT Orders

    A reasonable order is an order that is straight-forward, clear, to the point, easy to understand, not meant to confuse or to trick, and gives the prisoners enough time to abide to. Server rules require them.

    Made-up KOS Rules

    CT's aren't allowed to enforce their own KOS rules! This means CT's cannot bypass warning shots for situations that call for them, despite saying otherwise. Server rules are already in place for when T's should get warning shots and when they're KOS.

    Intention to Harm/Kill

    CT's are allowed to kill a T for throwing a grenade at them if there was obviously an attempt to harm or kill the CT. The same applies for when a T is chasing a CT and knifing at him.


    Wardens do not exist on this server.

    Freedays and Pardons

    CT's are NEVER required to give freedays, and if one is given it can be revoked at any time. CT's do not have to honor pardons; a T who harms/kills a CT is kos regardless of the situation at hand.

    Is no detours/no delays automatically implied?



    Ct's are not allowed to order T's to have a warday.

    Baiting and Gunplanting

    Baiting is doing something that a CT would never do if they're trying to stay alive (taunting/being dumb). It also is when a CT walks into an air-knifing T (doesn't give T right to harm CT). gunplanting (giving guns to Ts when not their LR) isn't allowed.

    Are T Orders allowed?

    T orders are orders given by a T to intentionally confuse their teammates. They are NOT allowed

    Can you use gun name tags or the kill logs as a evidence to kill a T?

    Gun name tags CANNOT be used as evidence however, the kill log may be used as evidence.

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    These rule clarifications were originally written up by @Wawa I copy and pasted from his post and made some slight alterations for this post. When necessary, this post will be edited to clarify any further rules.

    Jail Break Rules Clarifications

    Warning Shots

    Rebelling and Blatantly Disobeying



    Don't shoot/Warning Shot/KOS Scenarios

    Reasonable Orders

    KOS (kill-on-sight) Rules

    Last Requests


    Intent To Kill

    AFK Freeze

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