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    I played DayZ quite a bit back in the days.. I enjoyed it a lot actually.
    The bugs never affected me that much, most of the glitches and bugs I encountered were fun. Like characters spazzing out or some other weird shit, so I had fun most of the time I played.
    I'd recommend the game but only if it was like 50% off or something like that at this time.
    Unsure whether the game even has players anymore...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fantastic View Post
    I really disagree with the comments that are made.

    DayZ at this point shouldn't even be considered a "game" persay, it's still in alpha and you guys are judging it as if it's a full release. It takes a good computer to run it, as it's poorly optimized. I've poured in hundreds of hours into the game, and even though the bugs and random deaths make me rage just as much as it makes you rage, I still love the game for what it is. I remember being shit-scared on the first night on DayZ, the creep down the spine when you hear footsteps in the building beside yours, the jittery feeling of glee you get when you spot a truck in a town, but your heart drops because you see a group of bandits beside the truck. When you crouch and crawl on the ground in a military base, when you scope in and headshot someone from 800m away. There are bugs, yes. That's why the game has so many warnings on its store page, and even in-game. But my $30 was worth it. Buy it if you're willing to give it a chance, but stay away from it if you aren't. You'll only cause headaches for those who play and for yourself.
    Exactly. It can't even be considered a game, nor can it ever be, since it will be forever Early Access. (3 years and counting)
    It will never become a game.
    It's an utter waste of money, you're better off getting the Arma mod

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