How To Get Started:

How To Create A New Game:

You must deselect the default 'CAH Expansions' first before you select the custom deck, otherwise those cards will show up in your game as well.

Use the search bar to find the custom deck, then check 'Memes Against Steam-Gamers' before creating your new game.

Once the new game is created, you will become the Game Creator and be able to kick players who are AFK for too long. Remember, closing your Internet browser WILL NOT cause you to leave the game.

How To Join A Game:

Just a side note, any issues that a player might have when playing can be resolved 99% of the time by closing out your game and opening it back up or joining back in. The most common issue is a player not being able to select a card right after another player had just been kicked.

Now, everyone can play this game whenever at any time!

Thank you for reading, and have fun Memers!