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    Because I was Inverted

    Exclamation Clarifying Racism @ SG

    There was a thread posted a while ago in regards to TS3 racism, but we felt that we needed to revisit the topic since there (somehow) seemed to be some confusion. One of the things that makes us different here at SG is not allowing hateful / racially targeted messages.

    Racism at SG

    Forums: Not allowed. This is to include PM's, posts, profile comments, etc. ANY feature that is hosted on the 'SteamGamers' website does not allow racism. The only exception to this is posting a youtube video in appropriate threads, i.e. the 'What are you listening to' thread. Exercise common sense with this: if it is deemed hateful and / or reflects on SG negatively, we will handle the situation accordingly.

    Servers: Not allowed at all.

    TS3 / any VOIP server we plan on utilizing in the future: Not allowed. This includes private channels, rank-restricted channels, etc. It is not allowed anywhere on TeamSpeak, to include microphone, text chat, pictures, private messages, etc.

    We reserve the right to add to, change, or remove this policy at any point in time, to which you guys will be given notice.

    Any questions or comments can be directed towards myself or another BD.

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    Because I was Inverted

    This has been updated slightly.

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    Because I was Inverted

    Updated again.

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