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    ah ha! this has been bumped again! good CFG, still use it :P

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    Nope, that did nothing.

    But if this helps you ponder for a solution:

    Resolution: 1680x1050
    Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:10

    Please help, I have cookies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loller Dan View Post
    Nope, that did nothing.

    But if this helps you ponder for a solution:

    Resolution: 1680x1050
    Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:10

    Please help, I have cookies!
    Ok delete every single line in your launch options then enter -w 1680 -h 1050 and if that doesn't work -w1680 -h1050

    I can't help you anymore but there's a thread about this already @

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    Quote Originally Posted by raven maniac View Post
    The following is MY cfg that I use personally. It's a combination of 3 different cfgs from the cal forums for optimizing performance and registration.

    Goes in your cstrike cfg folder named as "autoexec.cfg"

    // CAL Legal Tweak Config. 
    // Credit for the original config belongs to Casey 
    // _Set netcode settings_ 
    // _adjusts hitboxes and netcode settings for optimal registration_ 
    cl_cmdrate "101" 
    cl_interp "0.01" 
    cl_interpolate "1" 
    cl_lagcomp_errorcheck "0" // Disables lagcompensation error checking, only needed if you're having any registration/loss/choke problems. 
    cl_lagcompensation "1" 
    cl_updaterate "101" 
    cl_smooth "1" 
    rate "25000" 
    // _Set graphics settings_ 
    // _adjusts graphics settings to boost framerate_ 
    cl_forcepreload "1" // Enables the loading of all models and materials during level loading. Increases game smoothness but also load times. 
    cl_phys_props_enable "1" // Disables non-player effecting props. 
    cl_phys_props_max "300" // Maximum number of non-player effecting props there can be at anyone time. 
    cl_ragdoll_physics_enable "1" // Enables dead animations and bodies. 
    cl_show_splashes "0" // Disables splashes when in water. 
    fps_max "200" // Limits FPS. 
    mat_forceaniso "0" // Disables anisotropic filtering. 
    mat_antialias "0" // Enables antialiasing. 
    mat_bumpmap "0" // Disables bumpmapping. 
    mat_clipz "1" // Enables the use of a technique to reduce what is rendered. Geforce FX owners, set to 0 if you get rendering issues. 
    mat_mipmaptextures "1" // Causes texture resolutions to decrease at distances to make them look smooth. Don't disable. 
    mat_hdr_enabled "0" // Disables high dynamic range lighting. 
    mat_hdr_level "0" // Disables high dynamic range lighting. 
    mat_picmip "0" // Lowers texture resolution. Impact on FPS is minimal. 
    mat_reducefillrate "1" // Reduces shader fill rate. 
    mat_specular "0" // Disables specular lighting. 
    mat_trilinear "0" // Disables trilinear filtering. 
    mat_wateroverlaysize "8" // Lowers water quality. Must be a multiple of 8 to work. 
    mat_vsync "0" // Disables vertical synchronization. Forces FPS to an equal number as your monitor refresh rate. 
    mp_decals "100" // How many bullets etc will be shown. 
    r_3dsky "0" // Disables 3D skybox. 
    r_decal_cullsize "2" // Cullsize defines the lowest number of pixels a decal can have before it's not rendered. Set high to avoid all decals. 
    r_drawdetailprops "1" // Disables detail props. 
    r_drawflecks "1" // Enables bullet impacts. 
    r_drawmodeldecals "1" // Disables decals on models. 
    r_dynamic "0" // Disables dynamic lighting. 
    r_eyes "0" // Removes eyes from player models. 
    r_lightaverage "1" // Can cause issues at none-default values. 
    r_lightinterp "5" // Can cause issues at none-default values. 
    r_lod "-1" // Adjusts model quality. Set between -1 and 2. -1 is dynamic depending on distance. 
    r_occlusion "1" // Disables/Enables the Model Occlusion system. Setting to 1 may improve FPS. 
    r_propsmaxdist "1200" // Object fading distance. 
    r_rootlod "2" // Lower overall game detail level. 
    r_shadows "1" // Set to 0 to disable shadows (not recommended). 
    r_teeth "0" // Removes teeth from player models. 
    r_waterforceexpensive "1" // Enables high-quality water. 
    rope_averagelight "0" // Disables average lighting on ropes. 
    rope_smooth "0" // Disables antialiasing on ropes. 
    rope_subdiv "0" // Lowers to subdivisions of ropes to "0". 
    rope_wind_dist "0" // Disables wind effects on ropes. 
    // _Set violence settings_ 
    // _increases blood to help you see hits better_ 
    violence_ablood "1" 
    violence_agibs "1" 
    violence_hblood "1" 
    violence_hgibs "1" 
    // _Set various settings_ 
    budget_show_history "0" // Disables history graph. 
    cl_downloadfilter "nosounds" // Disables annoying sound downloads. 
    jpeg_quality "100" // High quality screenshots. 
    mat_monitorgamma "1.8" // Maximum ingame brightness. Only applies to fullscreen. 
    hud_centerid "1" 
    hud_showtargetid "1" 
    // _Set HUD and xhair settings_ 
    // _adjusts HUD and xhair for easy viewing_ 
    cl_dynamiccrosshair "1" // 
    cl_crosshairalpha "999" // _bright crosshair_ 
    cl_crosshairusealpha "1" // _enables adjustable crosshair brightness_ 
    cl_c4progressbar "1" // _enables C4 progress bar_ 
    cl_radaralpha "255" // _maximum radar brightness_ 
    cl_radartype "0" // _enables solid radar_ 
    net_graph "3" // _enables net_graph 3--CAL required!_ 
    net_graphpos "2" // _adjusts netgraph position-set between 1 and 3_ 
    cl_autowepswitch "0" // Disables switching to stronger weapon when picked up. 
    cl_righthand "1" // 1 - righthand 0 - lefthand 
    hud_fastswitch "1" // instant weapon switch 
    snd_mixahead "0.1" // _mixes sound ahead to reduce stuttering_ 
    // _Other settings_  
    cl_crosshairalpha 999 
    cl_crosshairusealpha 1 
    jpeg_quality 100 
    sv_forcepreload 1 
    snd_digital_surround 1 
    mat_monitorgamma 1.8 
    cl_downloadfilter "nosounds" 
    volume .2 
    //_zblock commands_ 
    cl_restrict_server_commands 0 
    cl_detaildist 1600 
    alias hlss-START "voice_inputfromfile 1; voice_loopback 1; +voicerecord; alias ToggleWAV hlss-STOP"
    alias hlss-STOP "voice_inputfromfile 0; voice_loopback 0; -voicerecord; alias ToggleWAV hlss-START"
    alias ToggleWAV "hlss-START"
    voice_fadeouttime 0
    echo "vu's CAL Legal Config"
    Some other ways to tweak your CSS would be to goto games -> right click css -> properties -> "Set Launch Options" and use the following commands:

    DirectX Levels

    -dxlevel 81 for DirectX 8.1 [This is what I use makes the gameplay super smooth]
    -dxlevel 90 for DirectX 9
    -dxlevel 95 for DirectX 9c

    Heapsize - Dedicating Half of your systems memory will also make things much smoother.

    512MB System Memory: -heapsize 262144
    1GB System Memory: -heapsize 524288
    2GB System Memory: -heapsize 1048576

    You can use multiple Launch Options just put a space between each one.
    Bump. I dun get it wat i do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazardous View Post
    Bump. I dun get it wat i do?
    You have to put all that's in the code in a notepad and save it as "Autoexec.cfg" in the cfg folder of your cstrike folder.

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    BUMP. So, I wanna use this config, and I tried with a little help from some people, but it didn't work...
    This is what I did:
    I moved the notepad document into the folder, with the name "autoexec.cfg".
    Can anyone see what is wrong, and what I should do instead? Or does autoexec's just not work anymore?

    Also, don't flame because I bump'd, seeing as its smarter than creating a new thread (IMO).

    I hope you can help me!

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    Sorry for the bump but I recommend Gamebooster as well (v2 is a tad bit bloated but still handles it's job with low resource usage)

    basically Gamebooster turns off unneeded windows services when in-game (things like Aero, Windows Search, et cetera). If you're itching for an extra 10-20 FPS boost, this is great.

    Game Booster 2.0 Free Download, Speed Up PC for Top Gaming Performance

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    wow actually thanks running at 40 more fps

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    dude.... this thread was last posted in in 2011.... I appreciate the use of the search function but holy shit.

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