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    healthy racism rules my ass

    Hello everyone,

    So, in reference to the two polls that I put up regarding our current 'racism' rule here at SG: it is very obvious that the majority of the community wants a change in the way we deal with people utilizing words and phrases that we would normally ban for. Although it may not seem like much, this would probably be the biggest change in SG history if it were to happen.

    During the course of the two polls (and even over the lifetime of SG), there have been many great points brought up by both sides. From my discussion with the Board, we all kind of tend to think that the way we have it now is fine and aren't really ecstatic to change it by any means. I think a lot of that stems from being here for awhile and playing at some other communities that allow essentially a free-for-all with anything and it's just super obnoxious. It's pretty hard to ignore that many people wanting to get some sort of change going.

    We thought about it at first and decided that we definitely are not wanting to jump in the deep end of that pool. We want to be able to have some sort of middle-ground (at least to start, so it's not an extremely drastic change off the bat) between those who want a change and those who do not, as well as be able to revert if it just doesn't work out the way we want it to. With that being said, the rule(s) that I am posting below is / are going to be on a trial run. The trial is until further notice...probably two weeks and conduct a poll, but if there is not enough feedback after that time or if it is blatantly bad right off the bat, we may extend it or end it. Additionally, because it will be on a trial run, we will be extremely lenient if we were to revert for whatever reason. While ignorance isn't an excuse, it's kind of douchey to flip flop and punish we will definitely be aware of that.

    Starting now, SG will be allowing what we normally consider 'racism' on the servers, to include TS / Discord. Our rule is going to default back to player harassment as opposed to having actual banned words and such. This will be left up to admin discretion, and users can create complaints at any point in time if they feel they are being genuinely harassed.

    On the forums, we will continue to hold the policy that we currently have in regards to no racism, but not be as strictly punishing of it. The point of this is to keep a bit more of a professional look on our front end for possible sponsors, as well as be a bit more SFW - essentially, business in the front & party in the back. So while you may get punished for saying nigger, we probably will not punish for saying ape or ooga booga .

    I've heard a couple arguments about keeping everything the same to make it easier to understand - we may eventually go that route, but it's easier for us to test it this way first as opposed to the other way first and then this one. There is a chance that it may change to that after the trial run. I know that there are some people who did not want to see this rule changed - I understand your frustration and get why you would not want it changed...but it's hard to ignore a very abundant majority without at least trying this out.

    At the end of the day, we're changing this rule because it's something you guys wanted. The Board doesn't feel extremely excited or strongly about it, it's something that we want to give to you guys if it's a change you truly want. We've had something like this in the past with TS, and it was removed because it was abused by people who were admins here, not even by randoms. With that being said, it's really up to you guys if it stays or not. If it goes over the line and gets ridiculous, is abused, etc., then we'll just remove it again.

    To answer some questions that may be asked: We will not be taking ban appeals regarding people who were banned previously for racism YET - we want to give this a run, test it, and then discuss some options before doing so. While server managers and whatnot can change their server rules in their designated sections, threads may not be getting updated just yet because we are still in a trial run - we expect this to get out via word of mouth. If people get banned or punished by mistake, we will just unban them. There will be a poll at the end of this on the forums to see how you guys currently liked all of this. No, we will not be allowing it on the forums yet without testing it on the servers first.

    One more time:

    Racism on servers does not exist now the way it did before - it all should fall under harassment. Ban lengths will be pointed towards the harassment lengths. Admins will use their individual discretion on when to step on. The forums will continue to be the same as usual, but we're not going to really be punishing for it hardcore when people try and monkey around the's moreso meant to keep actual words being posted here that, unless otherwise being given in a specific context, we don't want put on display.

    While you guys can all give your opinions, I'd prefer this to be a place to ask questions instead, if there are any. Opinions are fine, but until it's actually tested out for a little bit, there's not really a whole lot of point. So if anyone has some questions, please let us know. I know this is a big transition / change, so bear with us.


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    apes stronger together

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
    apes stronger together
    ooga booga

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    Tbh I'm not sure how this is going to go, but we'll see. Admins, please provide us as much feedback as you can on this as it plays out so we can determine what's working and what's not once the time for evaluation rolls around.

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    Hopefully this doesn't cross the line o_o

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    Good Choice.

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    <19:38:27> "Montag" was banned permanently from the server by "Caution" (ooga booga)

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    may god have mercy on our souls.

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    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

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