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04-04-2017, 02:10 PM
How do I cash out? I want to sell my knife and finish building my PC but I don't know how. I would like to transfer the money onto a debit card/paypal/amazon account (Any will do).

04-04-2017, 02:17 PM
Opskins is probably the most reputable thing you'll get. I've tried it a couple of times before, and always gotten my money.

04-04-2017, 02:23 PM
I've cashed out over a grand on OPSkins though I can't garuantee there are no better deals elsewhere. (I think I recall a website that gave better deals but only up to a certain price?)

You have to take in mind that you will not get the full market price, though I'm guessing you know that. You have to sell it for less than market price if you wish for it to sell, you then lose 10% to OPSkins in the sale (or 5% if you have premium).

Finally to get it to PayPal or wherever else you have to choose a set value, say you had 364$ from your sale they would allow you to cash out 350 perhaps and then you'd have to do the 14 separate etc. If you were using PayPal for example they would then take an average of an extra 2.9% per transaction.

If you want any more help during the transaction I'd be glad to help ^

04-04-2017, 03:06 PM
If you don't want to use OPSkins, I've used bitskins before and never had any issues.

04-04-2017, 03:29 PM
Like said above, OPskins is probably the best and safest way.
You may have to take some screenshots of some identification to cash out, but its 100% legit and works fairly easily.

I used it myself a while ago to sell my knives and expensive skins, got the money straight to paypal