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07-19-2008, 09:56 PM
Maybe he lacked capacity

someone in the facts would want the will struck, and that is where we are talking about good discussion, dont have to predict where the contest will be successuful.

Work what I give you here:partydance:

in your discussion, some of it may indeed be useful...
arrrr, does the person who wants to contest the will have standing to do so, : any person whos share o th estate would increase i the contest was successful, it HAS TO increase, otherwise its bullshit... he got no game....

is there testamentary capacity when I smack thy wife with a chatanooga roadmap upon the buttocks three times while singing harry likes to fuck hamsters in the hamper at dawn?

If no, the guy lacked capacity.

I'd emphasize what a minimum standard this is.

Arrr, here be all o teh law regarding will contests, if you read EVERY will contest in this state, you would be a very dull person.


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