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http://cache.www.gametracker.com/server_info/ (http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

Here is a list of things NOT to perform as a Terrorist and a Counter-Terrorist

- Counter-Terrorist:

Kill or shoot any of the terrorists without any evidence as to why you did that.
Teamkill other members from your team using any method.
Force Terrorists to perform acts that would result in their death. ( Drowning in water / Going into death chamber )
Plant Terrorists with any sort of weapon ( Unless it's for a last request )
Throw a grenade at a rebel with other Terrorists around; only use when the Terrorist is on his own.
Use a flash grenade or a smoke grenade to hurt another player.
Block your teammates from reaching a certain location.

- Terrorist:

Teamkill other members from you team using any method.
Block your teammates from reaching a certain location.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions relating to the server

As the last Counter-Terrorist alive, am I allowed to kill anyone on sight?

- In the situation of being the last Counter-Terrorist alive, same server rules do apply, with the exception of having to give warning shots. Furthermore, you are not to kill anyone you see unless they are disobeying the last order given or those after.

Is it of a punishable action to camp at any given point during the round, as a Counter-Terrorist?

- Camping is allowed as Counter-Terrorist under the conditions of; assisting your fellow team in killing rebelling Terrorists, and not delaying or keeping the round from advancing.

Is it a requirement for Counter-Terrorists to give warning shots for not following the orders?

- Yes, it is a required to give warning shots for insignificant rule breaking ( An action that wouldn't jeopardize the live of other Counter-Terrorists ), however if the Terrorist is constantly not following orders or blatantly performing a rebellious act ( Going into an area to escape / Being somewhere you shouldn't be at / Running Away / Etc. ) then they can be killed.

What is considered as delaying?

- Delaying can be the smallest infraction. It really depends on who the Counter-Terrorist is. If a Terrorist takes two steps in the wrong direction, he won't get shot usually, but if he does, it would be a legitimate warning shot.

What are ratio freedays and are they allowed?

- Ratio freedays are freedays given out on the terms of breaking the ratio of Counter-Terrorists to Terrorists ( Which is usually a 1 : 2 ratio ) and no, they are not allowed as the ratio will eventually get fixed by an admin.

Is the role of a warden allowed? Why or why not?

- No, the role of a warden for the round is against the rules. That is in place to give everyone on the Counter-Terrorist team an equal chance of giving orders. That said, if at any point there is a conflict of multiple orders being given out, an admin can deal with situation, however with the absence of an admin on the server, go with the last order given, whether it is over the microphone or typed in chat.

Is it against the rules for a Counter-Terrorist to continually repeat orders over succeeding rounds?

- No, you could repeat certain orders, however you can only repeat it for two or three rounds in a row. If that is not the case you can ask another Counter-Terrorist to give another order or inform an admin of the situation. It is also worth mentioning that stating "Same rules as last round" is not allowed as the players who just joined won't know what you are talking about, leading to confusion among the players.

Are there specialized orders?

- Yes, you can order a Terrorist to go to certain places or have a freeday. However, you shouldn't be giving them these orders round after round as it creates an unfair situation. For example, if someone wins a deathgame, then they can have a personalized freeday. Also make sure your teammates know which Terrorists have special orders to avoid confusion!

Under what conditions are death games allowed?

- Death games such as simon says, death race, or trivia are only eligible if the Terrorists consent to it. Participating in one of these death games is on you, and your death in the situation of failing the death game would not count as a freekill.

Are last requests required to be given to Terrorists? And what are their limitations?

- No, last requests are by no means required to be given. In-case a last request is given and the Terrorist has completed it, then the remaining Counter-Terrorists could go ahead and kill him, even if the Terrorist requests to continue with his last request or any other.

Could a Counter-Terrorist be punished by accidentally killing a Terrorist during crossfire?

- If indeed the Terrorist was killed through the lone act of crossfire and it was unintentional, then there is no need to punish the Counter-Terrorist as he was not in the wrong.

When do the Counter-Terrorists have to open the cells?

- There is no specific time where Counter-Terrorists have to open the cells, but it would be best to open them by 4:00, if not sooner, for it might be punishable by an admin if there is a large gap of delay.

Is it mandatory for the Counter-Terrorist to have microphones to give orders to the Terrorists?

- No, it is not mandatory for the Counter-Terrorists to obtain microphones, however it does help with giving orders in a quick and easy manner.

Is it against the rules to kill Terrorists who are AFK? ( Away from keyboard / Idling )

- No, if the Counter-Terrorists do give an order, then those who are idling are considered to be not following the orders, therefore, they can be killed.

What type of orders are considered as reasonable?

- When you are giving orders, be sure to give orders those that won't anger other players or disable them from having joy. These orders should also never result in a KOS ( Kill on sight ) if one of the Terrorists slightly breaks it. Orders such as "If you don't [ Order ], then you are a rebel" and an example of that is: "If you talk on your microphone, you're a rebel."

What are some locations on a map that result in an automatic death by the Counter-Terrorist?

- Counter-Terrorists can kill a Terrorist for being located at the vents, armory, catwalks, and teleporters.

Be sure to ask any questions if you are confused about anything mentioned or if you would like to add something to the thread.

I would also like give credit to Caution and other members of the community.

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Needs massive grammarfix

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I looked into the mistakes and they should all be fixed now. In case there are any mistakes left, then inform me about them.

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I think you should make it bold, red or something that signifies it is what NOT to do for the first part, because I just skimmed that and I thought this was a joke at first.

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TL;DR. Don't be a fucktard. :D

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I looked into the mistakes and they should all be fixed now. In case there are any mistakes left, then inform me about them.

Excellent :D
Nice guide :)
Maybe make it visible in-game, like a link in the MOTD or something ?

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Holy shit, Omar can write a guide?

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I think you should make it bold, red or something that signifies it is what NOT to do for the first part, because I just skimmed that and I thought this was a joke at first.
Or you could read it.

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Holy shit, Omar can write a guide?

I would also like give credit to Unnamed Newbie and Caution.


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I made most of the thing on my own, just extracted pieces of writing and ideas from those two and emphasized on them. :p