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  1. Norway boosts security in Syria-linked terror alert
  2. Police puzzled by dolls left on porches
  3. Man Dresses as Spider-Man Punches Cop In The Face
  4. Finally, proof that Justin Bieber IS unbearable
  5. Robin Williams dead at 63
  6. Anonymous claim they’ve identified the cop who killed Mike Brown
  7. Mother fed tapeworms to daughter
  8. 9 year old girl accidentally kills shooting instructor
  9. Get in here ASAP fgts | Bewbs and more
  10. Celebrity Accounts hacked; NSFW pictures leaked.
  11. Microsoft buying Minecraft developer for $2 billion
  12. Australian Police Forces Raid IS Cells
  13. Red Bull payout: If you bought energy drink since 2002, they owe you
  14. Nobel Peace Prize 2014
  15. Ebola in Cleveland
  16. Banksy Arrested and True Identity revealed
  17. ISIS-inspired attack against Canadian Parliament
  18. Woman asks police for help, they shoot her son instead
  19. 3-year-old hung up by feet, beaten, then killed
  20. New virus going around?
  21. Gunman takes hostages in Sydney cafe
  22. CIA 'Torture' report
  23. Another Universe???
  24. Terror in Paris
  25. Largest NASA Photo?
  26. "Should Ottawa be taxing women's periods?"
  27. Dumbass of the month
  28. 42 Year Old Male Caught With 400LB of Medical Marijuana Chocolate
  29. Happy International Women's Day
  30. The Grid
  31. Jeremy Clarkson is officially sacked from Top Gear
  32. Girl tries to kill her mom for taking her iPhone away
  33. Steam limits functionality of users that don't spend $.$
  34. Nepal earthquake: Over 1800 people killed, 4700 injured, next 72 hours crucial
  35. Christopher Lee dies at the age of 93
  36. Family in New Jersey terrorized by a stalker
  37. New Jersey Tropical Depression
  38. Employee Fired For Placing His Mixtape In Childrens Happy Meals
  39. R.I.P. Satoru Iwata
  40. The Really Big One
  41. Tennessee Theatre Shooting
  42. Massive explosions in Chinese city of Tianjin; 17 killed, hundreds injured.
  43. Hey! It's Jared from Subway!
  44. Stock markets going down
  45. Reporter & Photographer Killed on Live Broadcast
  46. Grenade Blast At Protest Outside Ukraine's Parliament
  47. Teen who defended a blind classmate who was being bully is SUSPENDED
  48. US airstrike hits hospital
  49. Youtube Red
  50. Paris under attack
  51. Turkey 'downs Russian warplane
  52. Steam now removes games
  53. Turkey buying oil from ISIS
  54. Lemmy Kilmister passed away
  55. Steam confirms DoS revealed 34K user details
  56. Russia starts delivery of S-300 missile systems to Iran
  57. Protesters storm Saudi embassy in Tehran, set it ablaze
  58. Refugees and migrants sexually assault women in Germanistan
  59. Starvation in Madaya: Syria
  60. David Bowie passes away
  61. Alan Rickman passes away at age 69 :'(
  62. Russian MoD briefing on Syria 15/01/16
  63. International sanctions against Iran lifted
  64. Denmark deporting a Russian for terror threats
  65. shooting in canada
  66. 30 Years since challenger
  67. Turkey says Russia violated its airspace near Syrian border
  68. Mass VAC Ban Spree
  69. Passenger Catches Fire and Is Sucked From Plane at 14,000 Feet
  70. Joe Alaskey dies at age 63 D:
  71. US demands Russia stop bombing Syria's "opposition"
  72. Media Briefing: Head of MOD Press Department. Feb 4, 2016
  73. Iran and China to drop the dollar for oil sales
  74. North Korea can into space
  75. Saudi Arabia may deploy troops in Syria to counter Russia
  76. Dead Penguins :(
  77. Turkey bombs Kurdish forces
  78. Iraq Vet Beaten Because #BLM
  79. Time Warner Cable Managed Security Services has been hacked and all user credentials
  80. Europe’s "harsh" new message for migrants: ‘Do not come’ + Poll
  81. Barack Obama says David Cameron allowed Libya to become a 's*** show'
  82. Florida deputy killed by wrong-way driver in Tampa
  83. Russia withdraws main force from Syria
  84. Passenger plane crashes in Rostov-on-Don kills all 62 on board
  85. YouTube prankster gets jailed (finally :kappa:)
  86. Terrorist attacks in Belgium
  87. Ukrainian chief of security forces (SBU) accuses Russia of Brussels terror attacks
  88. Important: 2.6 terabyte leak of Panamanian shell company data
  89. We Might Finally Be Getting A Real Picture of a Black Hole
  90. Rip prince.
  91. Revenge porn is a thing?
  92. Russians 'barrel roll' over another U.S. Air Force plane
  93. Aleppo is about to get fucked up
  94. Iran confirms 13 Revolutionary Guards killed in Syria in Recent Days
  95. Fire in Fort McMurray
  96. Charter to Retire Time Warner Cable Brand (RIP Time Warner Cable)
  97. Anders Behring Breivik suing Norway.
  98. 'The Voice' Singer Christina Grimmie Shot Dead After Florida Concert
  99. Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History Today
  100. 20 yo man caught with arsenal of guns with intent to cause harm at LA Pride event.
  101. Jo Cox MP dead after shooting attack
  102. FA-18 were sent to confront Su-24s after they bombed the NSyA
  103. Hero releases Clinton foundation documents
  104. CS:GO Lotto Scandal
  105. Attempted Kidnapping on Video
  106. Four snipers shoot 12 police officers in Dallas - killing at least FIVE
  107. Steam skins crash
  108. Armed Robbers Used Pokemon Go App to Target Victims
  109. The beginning
  110. Terrorist Attack in Nice, France
  111. Military Coup in Turkey
  112. Columbus police officer hospitalized after glass found in sandwich
  113. First autonomous robot to operate on soft tissue outdoes human surgeons
  114. North Miami officer on paid leave after shooting unarmed black man
  115. Shooting in Munich [possibly terror attack]
  116. Wikileaks Releases Nearly 20,000 Hacked DNC Emails
  117. 28 year old Heroes of the Storm player arrested over threats
  118. Ledger in Ukraine lists Trumps Campaign Chief for huge Cash Payments
  119. Florida Governor confirms Zika infection in Miami Beach.
  120. Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, doctor says
  121. New DNC leak, bunch of illegal shit
  122. Tyree King shot
  123. 9 year old, #JacksonGrubb committed suicide due to bullying
  124. Officer Brakeen
  125. 29 wounded in NYC after explosion
  126. NY, NJ bomber caught
  127. "The Media"
  128. The Indiana Fever Basketball team kneels during Anthem
  129. Charlotte, NC videos released.
  130. Senate Rejects Obama's Veto on Saudi September 11 Bill
  131. SpaceX
  132. USA major
  133. Pepe the Frog is considered a hate symbol
  134. Scary Clowns in the US
  135. Disturbing video of man left to die by jail guards
  136. US strikes Yemen after missiles launched on warship
  137. FBI reopens investigation into Clinton Emails
  138. R.I.P to one of the greatest actors.
  139. Truck attack in Berlin, Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated, Swiss shooting
  140. Steam Christmas DDOS Attack; Steam Gamers mentioned?!
  141. Anti-Israel resolution passed
  142. George Michael: Pop superstar dies at 53
  143. Carrie Fisher
  144. Debbie Reynolds
  145. William Christopher
  146. Chicago teens kidnap and torture a Trump supporter
  147. Islam strikes again - 4 dead and 15 injured in truck attack in Israel
  148. ESPN Article on CS:GO Gambling
  149. Trump calls for investigation into voter fraud
  150. It is two and a half minutes to midnight.
  151. Actor John Hurt Dies at 77
  152. Syrian Christian Family, Visas in Hand, Turned Back at Airport
  153. Trump Supporters Raise Nearly $24,000 For Muslim Immigrant-Owned Limo Torched by Left
  154. Quebec mosque attack suspect charged with murders
  155. [Fixed] PSA Warning: Steam exploit going around
  156. Trump's national security adviser quits over Russia links
  157. Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence
  158. Trump overturns law preventing companies dumping coal mining debris in rivers
  159. Russian AMB dies
  160. NASA discover 7 exoplanets.
  161. Agressive off-duty LAPD cop pulling gun on kid for walking on his lawn
  162. Kim Jung Un's Half Brother Killed by VX
  163. Latest Data Leak is dubbed Cloudbleed
  164. Bill Paxton Passes away at age 61
  165. Amazon's web servers are down
  166. Kodak Black Arrested for Violation of his Probation
  167. North Korea fired some missiles
  168. South Korea Pres Impeached
  169. Hiko leaves optic
  170. Attack at UK Parliament
  171. Canada to legalize marijuana by July 1, 2018
  172. Trump afraid of stairs
  173. US airstrikes Syrian airbase
  174. 2 adults dead in Cali school shooting.
  175. Chinese claiming to be doctor dragged out of united airline
  176. Russia Hosting A Real Life Hunger Games
  177. John Oliver on Net Neutrality and the FCC
  178. Trump fires FBI Director Comey
  179. Ransomware "WannaCry" spreading fast around the world
  180. Politics Discussion
  181. 'Bomb' at MEN Arena in Manchester
  182. A new Osama Bin Laden!
  183. London Attack
  184. United airlines strikes again by attacking a classical violinist
  185. Major Fire Engulfs Highrise in London
  186. Highway to the Danger Zone
  187. China Implements New bans
  188. Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Commits Suicide
  189. North Korea Threatens to Send Missiles Near Guam
  190. [NSFW] Vehicle Drives through Crowd in Charlottesville during Protest
  191. Missile alarm: US satellites observe North Korea moving missiles into position.
  192. Deandre Harris
  193. Pentagon: North Korea launched missile that flew over Japan
  194. Hurricane Irma
  195. 16th Anniversary of 9/11
  196. Vegas Shooting
  197. Tom Petty
  198. Justin Trudeau tells Donald Trump he will block Boeing contracts over Bombardier tari
  199. Media Bias
  200. NYC Attack
  201. Texas Shooting
  202. Charles Manson, cult leader and serial killer who terrified nation, dies at 83
  203. Net Neutrality
  204. bitcoin!!!!!!!
  205. Man Dies Due to Swatting Prank
  206. Logan Paul Visits Suicide Forest
  207. Two shot after girl, 12, opens fire at Los Angeles school.
  208. #PrayForParkland
  209. Stephen Hawking: Visionary physicist dies aged 76
  210. 10,000 Dragon Ball Super fans gather to watch in public
  211. Cambridge Analytica filmed saying they use bribes and sex workers
  212. Youtube HQ Shooting
  213. R. Lee Ermey Died
  215. Guy killing 10 people in Canada, toronto.
  216. Another high school shooting...
  217. Shooting in my school's area.
  218. NFL approves new national anthem policy
  219. IHOP Changing name
  220. rip xxxtentacion
  221. RIP Vinnie Paul
  222. Drake and his kid
  223. FrankerZ Dog Has Died
  224. InfoWars banned by Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify
  225. Fortnite Tutors???!!!!
  226. Stefan Karl Stefansson AKA Robbie Rotten Has Died
  227. McSkillet has died
  228. Senator John McCain dies at 81
  229. Kyle Pavone dead at 28
  230. Shooting at Madden 19 Tournament
  231. NYC train station reopens after nearly a decade
  232. EU in favor of Article 11 and 13
  233. Hungary Government to pull funding from Gender Studies
  234. Sony to allow crossplay on Fortnite with Nintendo and Microsoft
  235. North Korea gives two dogs to South Korea
  236. Dallas rapper YellabeeZy shot at 12 times hit more then once reportedly
  237. Stan Lee dead
  238. Stephen Hillberg, Creator of Spongebob, Dead at 57
  239. George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States, dead at 94
  240. interesting article
  241. Condolences to New Zealand in regards to the recent mass shooting.
  242. Pictures of a black hole taken!
  243. Piece of shit gets probation for raping a 14 year old
  244. UNCC Shooting
  245. UNCC Shooting 2: Electric Boogaloo
  246. Young Teen Almost Beating Usain Bolt's Record?
  247. Virginia Beach Shooting
  248. Helicopter Landing on a New York City Skyscraper
  249. Discord
  250. Popular Streamer Etika Confirmed Dead