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  1. Seven Estonians kidnapped in Lebanon
  2. Government shutdown?
  3. Man glued to toilet seat
  4. Killing spree in The Netherlands.. Man kills at least 7 people in shopping mall
  5. Icesave
  6. Texas Governor Declares Weekend of Prayer For Rain
  7. Brutal killing of teenage boy rocks community
  8. Skillful hacker shuts down an entire country's internet connection.
  9. Girl is brutally beaten at McDonalds
  10. PSN down D:
  11. Dancer Shows of real life Matrix Moves.
  12. Tornadoes devastate South, killing at least 269 and rising
  13. osama is dead
  14. Bye bye Osama!
  15. HELP ME!!
  16. Robots learns to share
  17. U Don't Liek French Canadians?!?!
  18. Lord Vader announces Obi-Wan Kenobi is Dead.
  19. British woman beheaded in front of tourists
  20. Former Playboy Playmate 'Found Mummified'
  21. World end tomorrow
  22. "Macho Man" Randy Savage dies at age 58
  23. I'm sry :(
  24. Disabled Swimstar
  25. Summertime- Drive safe
  26. Oh Christians
  27. Soo.....kind of related to Hiphop's thread
  28. Chinese prison guards are brilliant
  29. Men wearing shorts
  30. Jurors reject pharmacist’s self-defense plea; convict him of murder
  31. Kindergarten Teacher LOLZ
  32. Joplin, Mo - Tornado Disaster 2011, May 22
  33. Silly brits are scared of tigers!
  34. Girl falls off ferris wheel...
  35. First Man Functionally Cured of HIV
  36. Florida begins drug testing welfare recipients.
  37. Someone cockslap me plz
  38. My town
  39. LulzSec launches #TitanicTakeoverTuesday; Eve, Minecraft, Bethesda all go down
  40. College Football Player Booted From Plane for ‘Saggy Pants’
  41. R.I.P Ryan Dunn
  42. Man robs bank for $1 for Health Care
  43. The remember button isn't working!
  44. Woman arrested in her yard while videotaping cop
  45. Fascist Florida condos' draconian dog shit DNA policy sparks canine conflict.
  46. RAW Video Egyptian Police Attack Protesters Use Brutality Extreme Force Graphic
  47. URGENT: Congress Wants To Make Streaming A Felony
  48. Casey Anthony not guilty
  49. Feces-Covered Man Hid in Portable Toilet at Colo. Yoga Festival
  50. Legal weed in Canda?
  51. woman jailed for cutting her husbands penis off
  52. Man Chokes Woman For Not Writing Her A Love Song
  53. Daily pill can prevent HIV infection
  54. Killer Asteroid, Naked science
  55. Drive with "Both" Hands
  56. iPhone 4 survives fall from skydiver's pocket
  57. Man pays $16 to take over $330,000 house
  58. 8-year-old New York City boy who was abducted and dismembered
  59. France gets to site 10Bn-Euro Nuclear Fusion Site.
  60. Terror in Oslo
  61. Amy Winehouse has been found dead
  63. You know we're fucked when..
  64. Child Died in a Box
  65. Anonymous strikes again
  66. IE users have lower IQs than those who use other browsers.
  67. Valve holds $1,000,000 Dota 2 tournament at Gamescom
  68. Insulin pumps, monitors vulnerable to hacking
  69. Teen Buried Alive in the Beach
  70. Shit is getting real in London
  71. Anonymous Hacks Syrian Ministry of Defense
  72. Anon Wants to Take Down Facebook
  73. Tulsa Tower Guy
  74. Valve wants Ea Games on Steam
  75. ADHD on the Rise
  76. Recent Stage Collapses
  77. About 5,000 children may be injured yearly from window falls
  78. Origin's Invasion of Privacy
  79. GameStop discarding Deus Ex coupons before selling game
  80. Steve Jobs Steps Down
  81. "PETA plans to open a porn site as it's next public awareness campaign"
  82. Department of Justice cockblocks ATT
  83. Woman punches bear to save pet dog
  84. Comcast Will Charge for Hurricane Irene Service Outages, Blames God
  85. Boy Dies After Masturbating 42 Times In One Night
  86. 9/11
  87. Midget gay pornstar eaten by badgers
  88. New Yorker article exposes OBL's secret allies.
  89. Man arrested for shitting on dead hedgehog
  90. Chinese condoms too small for South Africans
  91. Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle
  92. New Game Modes in CS:GO
  93. Speed-of-light experiments yield baffling result at LHC
  94. Large Protests in Lower Manhattan 8th day so far
  95. Front Page of NYTimes American officers and Afghan Officals ambushed by Pakistan army
  96. 5 year old gangraped by kindergardeners
  97. Video Shows Fired Walmart Employee's Wrestle Gun From Shoplifter
  98. Steve Jobs is Dead
  99. Steve Jobs died today......
  100. Westboro at it again...
  101. Denmark Imposes Worlds First Fat Tax
  102. My Boyfriend is a Lesbian Sex Offender
  103. 'Sesame Street' YouTube channel hacked, filled with porn
  104. Teen girl forced to wear armor, fight stepfather with wooden sword
  105. WTF?!?! 2YR Chinese girl ruthlessly run over twice and pedestrians do nothing
  106. Moammar Gadhafi, dead at 69
  107. Moammar Gadhafi is killed in Libya
  108. Teenager banned from college
  109. Flaming Poop Sets Neighborhood Ablaze After Failed Poo-to-Gold Alchemy Experiment
  110. Autistic boy found after 6 days
  111. Dentists to pay kids for Halloween candy
  112. Sacramento girl awarded $10 million after ER delay
  113. Man has 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law, and 33 grandchildren.
  114. Giant Snowstorm in Northeast United States
  115. Daughter in beating video: Why I released it
  116. Worker Dies While Using Lawn Mower for Warmth
  117. <3 Gearbox
  118. Hero Saves Kid From Fire
  119. Steam Hacked
  120. Google X, a Secret Product
  121. NATO Attack Kills 26 Pakistani soldiers
  122. ANOTHER Virginia Tech shooting (DEC, 8, 11)
  123. Steubenville Football Team Raped 16 Year Old Girl
  124. Sperm Donor Sued for Child Support
  125. Georgia mom home alone with kids shoots ex-con intruder
  126. FPSRussia Manager Found murderd
  127. 86 Year Old Hugh Hefner Marries 26 Year Old Crystal Harris
  128. Don't watch if you like cats.
  129. Shooting at Taft High School in California injures one
  130. Disable Java for now everyone.
  131. G4TV Coming To an End
  132. Alex Jones Vs Piers Morgan
  133. Snowmobiler Dies After Driving Under a Moose
  134. Swedish TV News Shows Porn Movie in the Background Live
  135. Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar Released on Bail
  136. Texas will be Texas.
  137. Helicopter 'crashes into crane' in London
  138. Woman castrates man with her bare hands
  139. proposed gun ban
  140. the internet is at it again.
  141. Mother Arrested For Tattooing Baby
  142. God Dammit Aurora, School Teacher Photos / Security Guard 3 Shitty Days
  143. 'Suicide bomber Attack' on US Embassy
  144. Twitter hacked!?
  145. Mac Fail
  146. SG, reddit and YOU!
  147. Think Nemos Bad? In Brazil It’s Raining Spiders
  148. Radio host calls 911 after eating halal pizza
  149. Authorities announce $1 million reward for Dorner
  150. Axe Weilding Hitch Hiker Saves the Day!
  151. Pope Benedict XVI to Resign
  152. North Korea's 3'rd Nuclear Test
  153. Oscar Pistorius faces murder charge... for shooting his girlfriend
  154. 10 Ton meteor hits Chelyabinsk Russia
  155. Pakistan: Dozens dead in bomb attack on Quetta market
  156. Robbers breach gate, steal $50 million in diamonds at Belgian airport!
  157. Aspiring rapper shot dead at vegas strip
  158. Fans injured at conclusion of Nationwide race at Daytona
  159. “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme Starts Monday
  160. Boko Haram Threathens To Execute French Family Kidnapped in Cameroun
  161. Anonymous strikes again
  162. Judge and Inmate
  163. Venezuelan Leader Hugo Chavez Dead at Age 58
  164. PS4 Testers needed
  165. IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!
  166. Better Get The Death Sentence
  167. The hand that pulls the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory.
  168. Voyager craft exits the Solar System
  169. Marijuana make people homosexual....
  170. Steven Simpson, Gay British Teen, Dies After Being Set On Fire At Birthday Party
  171. North Korea Propaganda Video
  172. Buckwild' star Shain Gandee, 2 others died of carbon monoxide poisoning
  173. Disney is the new EA
  174. Mass Stabbing in Texas
  175. Space Poop
  176. 4chan at the mall
  177. Deftones bassist Chi Cheng died today at age 42.
  178. 2 Explosions at the Boston Marathon
  179. 4chan is on the case!
  180. Explosion in Waco, Texas.
  181. Officer killed on MIT campus near Boston
  182. One suspect(bomber) dead, second on the run
  183. Two girls threaten to kill classmates
  184. 5-year-old boy shoots 2-year-old sister
  185. Jeff Hanneman Guitarist for Slayer has died today
  186. Bloomsburg Block Party 2013 - Riot Vehicle, Tear Gas
  187. Kid Kills mom, blames call of duty
  188. Some good news. "A little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms."
  189. As I Lay Dying Vocalist arrested on murder-for-hire
  190. Daft Punk R.A.M
  191. Oklahoma senator: Tornado aid “totally different” from Sandy aid
  192. 'Soldier beheaded' in 'Islamist terror attack' oustide barracks in Wool Source: http
  193. Boy Scouts lift ban on openly gay youth
  194. North Korea celebrates International Children's Day
  195. LAPD in STAND OFF with… Call of Duty STATUE!
  196. "US confirms Verizon phone records collection"
  197. Xbone drops 24-hour DRM and used game fee.
  198. Steam Might Soon Let You Share Your Games With Your Friends
  199. I Wacked Tony Soprano
  200. US Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act
  201. Kid Jailed for Joking on Facebook
  202. because this needs its own thread
  203. UK wants to restrict access to online porn
  204. Ariel Castro Accepts Plea of 'Not Less Than a Thousand Years'
  205. Collin Backowski Perishes snowboarding a Ice Tunne; Ft. Hood
  206. British Parliament votes against possible military action in Syria
  207. Baby in pushchair shot dead in Brooklyn, New York
  208. Senators draft resolution to limit Syria action to 90 days, no boots on the ground
  209. Ariel Castro....Dead
  210. Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC
  211. Tom Clancy dead at 66
  212. Adrian Peterson's young son dies after assault
  213. Nevada School Shooting
  214. Britney Spears used a a weapon.
  215. 4 Marines killed from explosives
  216. Black Friday Craziness
  217. UK Porn Filter will also block websites with extremist views "to keep country safe"
  218. R.I.P Paul Walker
  219. Nelson Mandela dead at 95
  220. 4Chan Strikes again.
  221. Teen kills 4 in car accident.
  222. Another school shooting in Colorado...
  223. AK-47 inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov has died at 94: Russian official
  224. 'Suicide bomber' hits Russia's Volgograd train station
  225. Michael Schumacher critical health issues
  226. Antartic mission over as ships clear ice field
  227. Sam Berns dies
  228. Man shot dead in row over texting in movie theater
  230. broncos fans bully a disabled pats fan
  231. Philip Seymour Hoffman dies at 46
  232. Happy Birthday Colin
  233. Nuclear fusion breakthrough raises hopes for ultimate green energy source
  234. Comcast takeover of Time Warner Cable
  235. Harold Ramis dies
  236. Russia invades Ukraine
  237. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 lost contact and crashed.
  238. Adolf Hitler Never Committed Suicide!
  239. School Stabbing Tragedy
  240. Nirvana Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction
  241. Jewish Community Center Shooting outside of Kansas City
  242. Disabled Teen Uses iPad to Record Bullies Tormenting Him…Gets Convicted of Disorderly
  243. Baldwinsville mother killed after bouncing tire on I-690 lands on top of her car
  244. Teen accused of stabbing student after prom rejection.
  245. 18yo pornstar necks herself
  246. 12-year olds girls stab friend to please Slenderman
  247. Irony at its finest
  248. Netflix To Reboot 'The Magic School Bus'
  249. Voice actor of Shaggy and Scooby Doo dies
  250. Commercial Airliner crashes in Ukraine, Government accuses rebels