Hey guys thanks to your suggestions/feedback here we've come up with an event we're happy to host for you! We will be hosting a Juggernaut event. 1-4 players (subject to change) will be selected to be CT, given a high hp/armor amount, possible guns, and pit against Prisoners they have to control. We will picking a fairly hectic map rotation to keep the game interesting, and will select players in a way that will let everyone have atleast a shot at trying it out.

The Juggernauts health will be increased to 1000.
Slots will be increased to 48

Special thanks to shoiep, Raventi, and All Ts

Hello everyone,

Happy Friday! We will be having a Community Meeting this upcoming Sunday at 330PM EST in our TeamSpeak server. We will be going over a few topics with the community that we've been wanting to discuss, and we will also be opening the floor to questions from the community at large. I encourage all of you to attend - myself and the rest of the higher ups are looking forward to talking with you guys about the community at large and any questions you may have.

See you there!

Following the trend. It seems I'll be stepping down as well.

There's a lot I'd like to say. But, at the same time, there's not much that I can say. To save some time, I'm going to quote the message I sent to the BDs on 2-10-2018:


I'm thinking of stepping down/retiring from the Administrative Officer position.

First off, I'd like to preface this with an apology of sorts.

This may not have been (or maybe it was) expected since it's been a relatively short time since I was promoted to AO (9-10-2017). When I first

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Good afternoon everyone!

As you guys may have noticed, we have had quite a few people step down recently! Unfortunately, sometimes the step-downs hit the community like a quickly-spreading virus, taking a lot of good people from us at once in a rapid chain of events. It's rare, but sometimes it happens - I can assure you that there is no major conspiracy going on behind the scenes...even though that's exactly what I would say if there was a conspiracy going on behind the scenes...

With that being said, the BD's and some of the AO's to form a majority vote held a meeting last night to discuss promotions. I want to explicitly state that none of these people

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Jailbreak Meeting - Saturday, February 17 @ 7:30 PM EST

Hello guys/gals, the Jailbreak Managers and I think it's about time to get together to have a meeting. There is a whole bunch of stuff we'd like to announce, get feedback on and leave the floor open to Q&A. If you feel passionate about our Jailbreak server, are looking to start playing more regularly, or just wanna show up for the pie feel free to come! Throwing a poll up to decide whether you guys would like it on Discord or

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