It's Halloween, and with that come some new models to MiniGames. We added 3 models, one free and two that you can purchase for 2,000
credits that will be purchasable a little longer and will also appear next Halloween for you guys to buy. Once you buy a model you will be able to use that model even when it is not purchasable. You can buy and equip these through the
SG store (type "!shop" or "!store" in-game). So here are your new models:

Jason Voorhees

Price: 2

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As many of you might've noticed; I've stepped down, if you haven't I can't help you :/

All jokes aside, before I say my reasons for leaving(don't get your hopes up) or start mentioning people, I want to say this: Steam-Gamers is changing, those days of the community sitting on it's ass doing nothing are ending; current Senior Representatives and future SR's know that your ranked has been rebuilt from the ground up and is no longer a meme rank; it's a serious rank now, working alongside the AT's, whom have also been getting more serious.

That being said, it's a good transition as to why I'm leaving for a while. I hate being the weakest link and not

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Hi all,

We recently announced a new rank change - server representatives. See the following: >>click<<

As part of this change, we asked our current CAs to tell us where they saw themselves fit. From there, the AT and BD teams met to make the necessary appointments. Please see below for where our current SRs are placed:

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Hey guys. So with the beginning of fall and some new updates coming out we decided to get a survey up and get your opinions on the server. Your responses will be taken directly from the survey and applied to the servers. This gives us a way to get your ideas while adding things that you guys enjoy. We would like to do these seasonally to get your input and put as many of your ideas as possible on the servers.

This should only take a couple minutes at most and is very easy

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Hey gamers, the Marketing Team is excited to announce that we're now partnered with Humble Bundle!

Using our referral link, then making a purchase- especially subscribing to Humble Bundle will help us immensely and propel us to do future giveaways, events and contests that give back to the community. We fully believe in what Humble Bundle does in helping indie developers, working with charities, and making great games affordable. Using our referral link does not effect the amount you can give to charity and you have control over the distribution of your

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