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Spiritwind donated $5.00
Rhiannonon donated $5.00
BlackWhite donated $5.00
CollieFlower donated $5.00
Intelligence donated $5.00
A Frantic Potato donated $5.00
whimsy donated $5.00
Paralyzed donated $5.00
EnjoiiEgg donated $10.00
FATMAN7FUL donated $5.00
Become a Subscriber
If you would like to become a Subscriber by donating $5 monthly, please use the following link. All Subscribers receive many benefits in the servers listed below. Simply click the "Become a Subscriber" link, submit the form, and you will be redirected to PayPal to begin your subscription. You may cancel at any time you choose. If you have any questions about Subscriber or donating in general, please feel free to post a new thread, or Contact Caution Directly via Private Message on the forum.

You CANNOT gift recurring subscriber!!!
Become a Subscriber
Don't have paypal? You can now pay for subscriber with CS:GO skins/ items ($5 item = 1 month subscriber, minimum donation amount of $15 for 3 months subscriber). Send a trade offer to SpikedRocker by clicking the button below who will then accept the trade and add subscriber to your account upon trade confirmation.

Please ensure that you leave a message note at the bottom of the trade with your forum account name!
Donate CS:GO Skins
Subscriber Rewards
All Subscribers are given the following rewards on our CS:GO servers:
  • Reserved Slot
  • SG Subscriber Skins (Pink Sub CT and Leet Sub T)
  • 10 raffle points earned per minute in our CS:GO servers
  • Access to the subscriber only CS:GO weapon raffles
  • Earn 3x more credits in the SG CS:GO store
  • Extra in-game chat colors
  • Custom in-game chat tags
  • Can use /me commands
  • Pink Panther (T), Tali'Zorah (T), Lara Croft (T), John Coffey (T), Blue Octadad (CT), Deathstroke (CT), Nanosuit (CT) skins on the Jailbreak server
All Subscribers are given the following rewards on our Rust server:
  • A cool [Sub] tag
  • x2 Credit rate in the server for playtime.
  • Never worry about hunger or thirst
  • Subscriber Kit usable once per day.
All Subscribers also have:
  • Ability to create private Teamspeak 3 channels
  • Additional forum access
  • Anything else we decide to add in the future!
  • To become a Subscriber, and to send/receive Private Messages, you must have a forum account.
  • SG Subscriber skins are not currently available on the Zombie Escape server.
  • All private Teamspeak 3 channels are temporary channels only.
  • Some or all Subscriber rewards are not accessible if you are banned from the servers, forum, or Teamspeak 3 as a Subscriber.
  • Please allow up to 24 hours after subscribing for these rewards to be placed on your account.
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