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Zombie Escape is simply a dedicated escape server that only runs escape maps. The server has become more popular than any of our others and now has a solid map rotation of escape maps. If you aren't a subscriber it can be hard to get on the server during prime time since it is always full.


This weekend from 8 PM ET Friday to Midnight ET Monday we'll be doing double raffle points! This is your time to get a ton of tickets for our super massive raffle. This is the biggest one time giveaway I've ever been a part of, over 60 seperate prizes totaling over $500 and the good news is that we are continuing to add to it. I should have a new batch of new prizes sometime next week. So definitely check out the updated prize list below.

As of now, the public raffle has over 8000 tickets purchased, the subscriber has over 3000. So if you haven't purchased any tickets yet, make sure to get

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Just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone, it was a pleasure being AO and working on the servers. This community and its players have been a big part of my life for the last several years, I will always cherish the memories. Special shoutouts to the Higher Up staff, you all have been amazing and incredible to work along side with and I will miss you all... I hope I get the chance to do this again if I have more time down the road. Thank you.

Hello everyone!

We wanted to give the community a heads up that the credit system has now changed in terms of how many credits you get for donating to SG. The new system is now as follows:

  • $5 - 2,000 credits
  • $10 - 4,000 credits
  • $15 - 7,000 credits
  • $20 - 10,000 credits
  • $25 - 13,000 credits
  • $30 - 16,000 credits
  • $35 - 20,000 credits
  • $40 - 25,000 credits
  • $45 - 30,000 credits
  • $50 - 35,000 credits
  • And 5,000 credits for every $5 donation after.

We will keep you all updated if anything else changes regarding the store. Thank you very much!

This is just a short notice to inform you that Steam-Gamers recently brought back it's casual server.

You can join it here:

It's loads of fun I promise!

Shout out to the super hard working @Vick who put this all together and @Wawa for all his help and guidance

someone give magic the ip.

For more information about this raffle read this thread:

On to the Prizes!

For Subscribers:
For Honor (Steam)
Ghost Recon: Wildlands (Steam)
Inside (Steam)
Inside (Steam)
7 Days to Die (Steam)
7 Days to Die (Steam)
7 Days to Die (Steam)
7 Days to Die (Steam)
7 Days to Die (Steam)
Star Wars Humble Bundle ($14+)
Star Wars Humble Bundle ($14+)
Star Wars Humble Bundle ($14+)
Star Wars Humble Bundle ($14+)

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